18:1 Project Update

Update: Since the WW were looking more mature than the others I took some microscope shots to check for "doneness" of trichomes. The pics were actually kinda pretty so I set them to some smooth cool music from my guitar teacher, Chicago Bluesman Dave Specter. if you are ever in Chi-town, check him out for a first-class show.....

Sometimes growing can seem to be such an action-less endeavor but if you have dementia it can be the most perfect thing. The 18:1 project went side-ways any number of times but after much rearranging of the deck chairs we are finally in something like a home-stretch: we have flowering high CBD plants and flowering high THC plants. In the end they will be processed into RSO in a specific formulation of 18 parts CBD to 1 part THC. I think I will call the resulting fluid Voodoo Juice. Hey its a name and I will need to stop calling it RSO because it will no longer be the text-book definition of Rick Simpson Oil.


The bottom line is, barring natural disaster we should have a high THC harvest in 2-3 weeks and another high-CBD and high-THC harvest a week or ten days beyond that. All will be processed into RSO/Voodoo Juice/whatever...so I threw together a quickie grow video to give an ovcrview of the current status of the grow. Two tents, one about 1-2 weeks ahead of the other. Each tent has 2-4 strains growing in Hempy Buckets. Three plants have been trellised, including the big CBD plant in tent #2..

So here is the video, pardon the theatrics....