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From the perspective of an American Veteran, Donald Trump brings shame to us all

I wanted to wish my fellow veterans a happy Veterans Day but I simply cannot. What we fought and died for is being sullied by Cadet Bonespurs AKA Donald Trump every damned day.

When you are a soldier and stationed to a country and culture not your own, you can spend your time whining about it "not being like home" or you can learn to adapt to and embrace other cultures. Seeking out qualities of non-monetary value in others is the trait and skill of the diplomat, something Trump the thug has no grasp of at all. Since Donald Trump has never risked anything in his life, he doesn't grasp the job of the soldier at all. For him, we seem to be a club he can swing to get his way.

The job of the soldier is the job of the armed forces which is to kill, pure and simple. No I don't mean we are or were mindless killing machines; rather every soldier is trained for two skills; their "occupational specialty" which in my case was prehistoric electronic stuff but also ever…

Election Day Special Report

Well, for the first time in 30 years I voted. As evidenced by my voting record, this isn't something I like to do; in fact when folks like me have to take a hand in things, its because the last people we elected simply are not doing their job and so we need new people in those positions.

For a long time our countries political engine just ran and like very reliable software, was greatly ignored, so long as it worked. Well things are clearly not working in this country so its time to change things. Donald Trump and all he represents is the true source of pain...think about it: the only thing positive he and the Republicans have to offer on this election day is a tax cut and booming economy. He/They have zero idea how they will pay for it all and yes it costs money. They think they can take it back from "entitlements" and they had the chance to do it for two years now because no one had the power to fight back. An even with the wind at their collective backs, they could n…