Vendor Alert: Chinese Internet Vendor DHGate Harbors Criminals and is Hostile to Americans with Disabilities

DHGate: Home of Asian Criminals serving the world.

The Short Story:

1. Chinese Internet vendor DHGate sells me two arcade games from their app.
2. The vendor took the money and no product ever arrived.
3. Common mistake BUT when I tried to find my package they sent me not one but two false tracking numbers from other customers, lying the whole time and eating up time to complain.
4. I go to report the second bad number to find DHGate claims the vendor no longer exists
5. Before the vendor left he/she/DHGate set that transaction as "CLOSED", knowing its nearly impossible to contest an already closed case because it assumes you got your package and are just whining.
6. DHGate states too fucking bad, pay better attention next time.

This sort of boorish behavior never started until Donald Trump displayed his idiocy and went to financial war with most of the world, including his own country. Higher prices, longer delivery, these I can see. Out and out theft? Retaliation for being American pure and simple.

If I were not disabled with this brain disease, I might be able to fight this. If I were normal I would still have a working PC, both things I would need to deal with DHGate the way they need to be dealt with. If you are locked into their app and trying to get anything done, report anything, their whole support mechanism is nightmarish for a normal person and beyond useless for anyone who can't out-think them. How sad is that?

The Long Story:

Internet vendor DHGate Has Earned the FAIL status for Americans with disabilities due to their ambivalence to the damage the criminals they shelter combined with a nearly unforgivable support mechanism. In other words, when the criminal sellers they harbor screw over an American with disabilities there is no obvious or non-obvious method of recovering your money.

You ask the seller and they disappear. You ask DHGate for help and they say tough shit, be more careful next time. You are forced to use only a PC to file a dispute; no PC, no chance at resolution, simple as that. My disability resulted in my laptop and only real PC (writing this on little tablet) being destroyed and I don’t know when I will get another one. So no PC, no refund and the seller (and thus DHGate) gets away with theft in broad daylight once again. This kind of crap may be the mainstream in China but that horseshit will get them nowhere around here.

Stay very clear of these people. They are untrustworthy and have rigged their system against anyone not fully enabled. They can and will take advantage of you and they way their system is set up, there is nothing you can do about it. Yes they can be cheaper than anywhere else, thats why you go there but once anything leaves you less than 100%, close your accounts there and do no more business with them. Its not a question of if, its a question of when you will get screwed. Its built right into their system so its not an abbhoration.

First, who the hell is DHGate?

DHGate is an umbrella company that fronts for many tiny small Asian sellers of everything you can imagine, from clothing, furniture and lights to games, toys and electronics. Each reseller might have a thousand lots of a single item like a hand-held game machine that you might purchase one or 100 of. DHGate then handles the financial end of things, releasing the funds to the seller once they ship. DHGate is also you who would have to pursue for any disputes with sellers. Because of the economies of scale you can often find great deals on just about anything and for the most part, the sellers are on the up and up and make the best effort to fulfill each sale. Before my disability got the best of me I shopped there for years. Most things came as advertised and you knew the risk with working with the Chinese that you were rolling the dice on every purchase. Good thing I live in Las Vegas where such rolling of the dice seems normal.

But like any big system with many operating parts, it works great right up until it doesn’t and then everything goes wrong.

It went wrong for me starting with a reseller named “Suliyan” who was selling these arcade game consoles. Basically you could hook this up to your television and play old school arcade games. I liked it so I ordered two, one for me and one for my friend Randy.
Looked simple enough. Observe order date.

So then time flies; as a veteran shopper I am patient with them. However when the rest of the stuff I ordered on that date arrived and still no games from seller Suliyun, I did tracked the tracking number to find it had been sent to someplace in freaking Wisconsin. Worse, the seller Suliyun closed the order, as if it had been delivered to me. Here is our conversation up to the point seller Suliyun vanished from DHGate:
This guy never had any intention of fulfilling anything.

While it seemed at first they were trying to work with me, now that all the facts are clear, they never meant to fulfill anything; theft was the first and primary goal:

1. Advertise product
2. 100 customers purchase one or more.
3. Seller fulfills one sends the same tracking number to the other 99.
4. When it becomes clear the package was mis-delivered, seller fulfills another one and sends out the bogus tracking number to angry customers waiting for product they paid for.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 as long as you can get away with it. Only repeated twice with me with two bogus tracking numbers.  
6. Mark all orders as closed slowing or stopping disputes, then vanish with the money.

DHGate is absolutely FINE with this.

So the next obvious step is to get DHGate involved. Since they approve this method of doing business, good luck with that if you are American. They know we have no recourse and thanks to our ass-hat president and the lack of the fabled Asian Honor on the part of this Chinese company it shows no sign of improving soon on either side.  I don't know if its their upbringing or their system of government but when a thief is stealing your money, you care little about their ideology; a thief is still a thief no matter what they believe.

FWIW I worked for years with the Japanese and these people have it all over the Chinese WRT to things like honor and respect. Not even close so don't be fooled. The Chinese are no better or worse than any other faceless and nameless vendor on the Internet. 

So if you go to the DHGate support page you are offered three choices:
(Non) Support Options at DHGate
Of the three options:
1. "Fast Resolution" is a flow chart of options that only work if the vendor follows the rules. the instant they don't, every option they offer is useless and can't be used.

2. Chat (24/7): This is bullshit as it is nothing more than a very broken AI-driven version of the stuff in option one. The upshot is DHGate still won't help you, they just understand your complaint less, angering you more. Looks like this:

DHGate: You can't get there from here...
3. Facebook. Puhlease.  There is no vendor that is worth putting up with Facebooks bullshit, although I WILL make sure this gets posted there.

But the big FUCK-YOU-AMERICAN came when I was trying to explain to old TangTang here I needed to submit a dispute and the seller closed the order on me. That when I got the fuck you, we got your money. rottsa ruck next time American:

The final Kiss My Ass American from DHGate

So since the vendor closed the order before even the first package was misdelivered, I NEVER had a chance. The rest of the crap with customer support was just window dressing. As soon as the vendor marks it closed, 99% of your support options are just gone and if you try to get help, well DHGate thinks that is just too fucking bad.

I went end to end with their system and it seems designed to not service customers and the only way to raise a dispute after the seller had done something like this was to log onto their corp site with only a PC which I don't have anymore since my LBD cracked the screen on my lappy. 

Bottom line is DHGate cannot be trusted with business, simple as that. If you have a disability or you are American, you stand a good chance of being a victim of theft with DHGate and if you are a disabled American, that is the double-threat.

Its your money but Living With Lewy Body Dementia gives them a failing grade so stay away from DHGate until they find their honor and respect again, if ever. Since DHGate made it so damned hard to get support I am building this warning to my readers and as a special bonus for DHGate, even though I will likely be dead in a few years, I am paying to keep this URL and page alive for the next two decades.   More, at one time I was able to write. Now, thanks to the disease I get tiny windows of time where I have enough going on to write. Right now this document is a blunt instrument. Not only is it going to stick around a long time  but I will be sharpening it to surgical precision the longer it remains and so do I. Forewarned.

I really can't explain why getting ripped off feels so much less dramatic when you are not terminal but now, with so few transactions left, it feels somehow personal.

They can take my money but they can't take my dignity.