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Trump has reached the low I never thought he could.

This is it folks, this is the rubber meeting the fucking road time. Insanity 2020 is coming to fruition and it could not come at a better time. Much ink has been spilt over the many dividing ideologies Donald Trump professes to support....but to me, none of that matters anymore. 
Donald Trump has revealed himself to be such an odious, unforgivingly assholish person undeserving any respect, let alone the highest office in the land. A man this broken has no business governing others.For me its really simple: this son of a bitch tried very very hard to swindle the family fortune from his father...with dementia....and Donald Trump not only knew it, he was trying to take advantage of it. This reaches home; there are like 17 million of us out there, most of which can still sign a ballot..and for every patient there is likely a caregiver when Trump is mocking and stealing from his father, its like he is mocking and stealing from us...and any caregiver out there worth their salt will…

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