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Perhaps the last status...

  Greetings; Jeff here. The title may be misleading, if so, I am sorry. What I meant to say is this: I am on a one-way trip from zero to nuts, brain dribbling out a little more every day. It has already affected my speech centers, both input and output.  However not just the words-in and words-out; rather I am finding trying to translate abstract ideas in my head to full formed speech is becoming very hit and miss. So much so that I am finding its easier to simply not try. Not for every thought and not every moment of the day. However there reaches a point (everyday now) where I go to speak whats on my mind and nothing intelligible comes out. After a moment of frustration, the air goes out of me, and within the minute I no longer recall what I was going to say anyways.   Do the lather-rinse-repeat thing enough and you start to say fuck it before expending the energy you would have needed to call forth to say.....whatever the fuck you were trying to say. After a few weeks of that and yo

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