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Las Vegas Spine and Pain Clinic is hostile to disabled folks

    Summary: I have Lewy Body Dementia, a cross of Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases. As such I have needed a caregiver for years to speak for me and help me understand medical decisions; so much so that we set up a medical power of attorney so that she could fulfill this role.  We have been going to Las Vegas Spine and Pain for pain management for years without issue; two visits ago they announced a change in policy and my caregiver could no longer accompany me when visiting the doctor. They created an impossible situation and when I knew I had no chance of remembering anything the doctor said to me more than five minutes, I said I wanted to record the session for my own sake. Upon hearing this Las Vegas Spine and Pain kicked me out of treatment and put a letter in my file claiming that I threatened them, the kiss of death in this area, ensuring no one will want to treat me.   I never meant to need to post this but I have few other options at this point and people need to know about

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