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Its Official: Officers Austin Hopp, Tyler Blackett and Daria Hall Are Human Pieces of Shit.

  Loveland Police Departments Finest In Action. On June 26th of 2020 these characters molested a 73 year old woman with dementia, tortured her and then had the brass to laugh at it and think the shit was funny. What these geniuses don't realize is they just attacked the single-most dangerous group in America today: folks with clinical dementia. Normally we sound like victims (full transparency, I have Lewy Body Dementia and so have a special Asshole Award for these cretins and human scum) but these are cops who should know the law and the thing is, we may be the ones with dementia but they are the idiots that attacked a group (with glee no less) that is both 17 million strong, in every corner of this country so there is nowhere they can hide and best of all, we have 17 million built-in insanity defenses for WHATEVER happens to these morons.  Republicans want us to support the police and they pull shit like this. Sorry guys and gals, you blew it and are back on probation, every move

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