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Seasons Greetings from LWLBD: How to Roll the Perfect Christmas Infused Joint!

Hey kids, Jeff here just wishing my few readers a safe and most important of all to dementia patients, mellow-AF holidays. In fact I noticed something odd/fun about this Christmas season that as an American surprised the hell out of me....for the first time since I was maybe 16 years old, Christmas season hasn't stressed me out to the point where I wanted to move to a foreign....planet or something before it was over....but this year, perhaps thanks to the dementia meaning crappy memory but here it is Christmas day and I don't feel like I am ready to go postal.

But one of the other reasons for this is to post the first in what I hope is a series of instructional articles to teach the disabled how to be a stoner. Now that its legal in most places AND it is such a perfect and useful medicine for dementia, disabled folks are having to go into places like head shops and pot dispensaries for the first time and the last thing any adult wants to do is stand out as the no…

Important Cannabis Grow Update!

UPDATE: 2 - 3 Days Later....

I had plain old 300w CFLs going where the old purple LEDs were going and now replaced them with the far more efficient Mars Hydro 600w LED fan-less grow light. The plants looked so much better and happier than they have in a long time and they did it so fast I wanted to share it so heres the video of a few days later....

Original story...

Greetings Folks, Jeff here...I know my writing here of late has suffered, my only excuse is a degenerative brain disease chipping away at my ability to do this. But keep on is what I shoot for  and this update is pretty important for anyone growing indoors today.

I talking today about light, one of the four basic elements all cannabis needs. For a long time the home growers had home-made light rigs and the bigger ops all had metal-halide or high pressure sodium going...and then LEDs came along, promising greater brightness at lower electrical cost and lower generation of heat, all very desirable to the home-grower. Prob…

An easy, cheap clone rooter anyone can make

I was in a little fix the other day, one that anyone who has grown indoors is familiar with: the one plant in the whole bunch that wants to grow wild and hard to control. The rest of my plants are all of a similar size and shape; this CBD plant (20:1 CB Diesel) was growing long and lanky, not good for flower. Plus, since the others of its genetics I had died, I needed to make more and THAT boys and girls was the answer to the first problem, by taking clone cuttings from all of the longer top branches, upper-growth is slowed and side-to-side growth will occur.

However I have one main 6-seater of a hydro unit I use for such things and as luck would have it, mine was full of other clones ATM. I could have waited till the stuff in the clone rooter finished but the CBD plant was growing into the lights right NOW and needed to be dealt with.

So I leveraged that special "MacGyver" gene that all indoor growers seem to possess, looked about the room and with just scrap parts found o…

My Memory Hack to Help Maintain Independence

Here is a hack I came up with when I was first diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. I seem to have lost the article to representing here. Basically I was forgetting how to do certain things. Most times I knew but others I would face the object of my intentions and have no clue how to even get started.

This sucked and printing "Hey Dummy" post-its everywhere sucked worse so I came up with a hack where I could write down instructions on how to do this or that and my app would generate whats called a QR code or bar code with those instructions embedded. This code was then printed, trimmed and taped to the object in question.

Then next time I was in a fog I could just waive my smartphone at the device, it would pick up the QR code and display instructions on my screen:

I made a video outlining how it all works so you can do it yourself....try it, it really works!