My Memory Hack to Help Maintain Independence

Here is a hack I came up with when I was first diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. I seem to have lost the article to representing here. Basically I was forgetting how to do certain things. Most times I knew but others I would face the object of my intentions and have no clue how to even get started.

This sucked and printing "Hey Dummy" post-its everywhere sucked worse so I came up with a hack where I could write down instructions on how to do this or that and my app would generate whats called a QR code or bar code with those instructions embedded. This code was then printed, trimmed and taped to the object in question.

Then next time I was in a fog I could just waive my smartphone at the device, it would pick up the QR code and display instructions on my screen:

I made a video outlining how it all works so you can do it yourself....try it, it really works!