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A Rose by any other name...

Well, I knew it was a possibility; more like a probability. One thing you learn about this disease is it progresses how it does but when it comes to subtracting your capabilities, the plateau is when it happens.

The pattern is clear enough; you go along for months with abilities A-X but then some period of stress or something that keeps you overwhelmed for too long and you experience what we call a plateau. You spend too long in over-drive (for you), too long with crappy sleep, too long with uncertainty in your day, too long in some physical discomfort (case in point: year ago last summer when the AC gave out during a 120 degree heatwave. Plateau definitely happened there).

Regardless of cause, if the plateau happens and you rest and recover as best you can, you come out with abilities A-S. Maybe. The others are just gone, never to come back, not anything like they were before.

So in this case, the rest period is over, or is as good as it is going to get and some significant changes …

A Prescription for Fog

Greetings. This is Jeff here; I wanted to share something while it is still fresh in my mind.  This is a demonstration of how the simplest of input can end up overwhelming the otherwise cognizant mind.

Today was started as it usually is around 3-4 am. We had both decided to go to the dispensary for more RSO. The 1:1 is amazing stuff and neither of us has slept that well in many years, regardless of medicine or technique tried.  As of when I awoke this morning, I was in a bit of a fog, about 2 on the RVI. Speech presented a problem, processing external input was also greatly impaired as well. In such a state I would never go out to a store where I would have to deal with crowds, (to me) stupid questions and my own inability to think under such conditions. Yet, we needed the RSO so away we went as soon as they opened. Being a weekday I figured it to be relatively empty, like it has been every other time we were there.

However today the dispensary was packed and all the noise, people, i…