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Donald Trump Has Finally Taken a Real Dementia Test. Results: FAIL!

OK that might seem a bit dramatic but in point of fact is true. I honestly did not think I would see it in the time I have remaining but there it is. And here he went. And here we are.
Back what feels like a hundred years ago, Trump trotted out his physician who proclaimed that Donald Trump didn't have dementia because he passed the what is known as a MoCA test. This is the stupid little test every physician-wannabe-neurologist gives you in the office, takes less than 5 minutes and, ask any actual dementia patient out there, completely worthless. As any dementia patient will tell you: if you are bad enough to fail the MoCA test, you are bad enough not to need a test in the first place.
One primary problem with the standard test is that it in no way stresses the executive function, one of the more debilitating things to lose. When taken in a sterile, quiet environment, anyone could pass the MoCA, I could ace it and I HAVE dementia, so the fact that Trump passed that one just exactly …

The Mayor of Las Vegas is Useless to the People of Las Vegas

UPDATE: There is an adage that goes something like: It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. In yet another instance of life imitating art, 1 hour after I post this I found out idiot mayor doubling down on her brainless leadership. I mean come ON lady, you know you are stupid, Las Vegas residents are onto your clown act but did you really HAVE to go on Anderson Fucking Cooper and display your ignorance for the whole world to see?
 Dumb shit like that could kill tourism here far longer than any lockdown. The very least you could have done is gone on Fox and Friends; that way at least nobody with a functioning brain would have seen it. Having a broken brain is one thing to deal with; I know, have a terminal brain disease my own self but going on a national cable news network before completely sobering up is something usually we leave to the Guliani's of the country...
But the most shocking thing she …

The Supreme Court is now an arm of the Republican Party. Thought this wasn't supposed to happen in America..

As long as Roberts and his gang are there, no decision of theirs will ever carry the credibility of law. They have failed this country for a very short term gain.

This is an age of firsts for this American. Our Supreme Court is that bastion of fairness and wisdom we were raised to more. They might think they have their reasons for falling on the side of insanity but the facts are pretty bad:
Fact A: The Republicans know the only way they can stay in power is if fewer votes are cast, by their own admission:

Fact B: The Governor of Wisconsin wanted voting yesterday (the deadliest day of the pandemic so far) delayed out of concern for public safety and health. They can't even get enough workers to man polling stations and yet the Republicans ganged together to force voting ANYWAY. They took it to the Supreme Court and here is where things get bad. In a flash decision the Roberts court decided that voting would happen in Wisconsin regardless of who dies and how invalid that …

Thomas B. Modly is antithetical to the concept of esprit de corp drilled into every service person

This is the moron that fired a Naval Captain for protecting his crew.
One of the worst parts of dementia is expressive aphasia, it takes your words away and makes them hard to use. Yesterday when I read that Thomas B. Modly fired Captain Brett Crozier for trying to save the crew of his ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Then today Modly actually stood up before the crew of the Roosevelt and called their beloved Captain stupid directly to their faces.  Update 07 April 2020: Modly resigns. He tried to apologize, tried every trick in the book to save his own ass but like many Trump sycophants, was abandoned at the first bad press, which this character got in spades. GF riddance you soilless bastard, You are so unfit for commanding a row boat I am amazed that Trump ever got you in...oh wait, McConnell et all are STILL doing his dirty work...

This is wrong on so many levels; as a veteran I am ashamed of our leadership. They buckled under the pressure of the man-baby Trump and did the unthinka…