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The Supreme Court is now an arm of the Republican Party. Thought this wasn't supposed to happen in America..

As long as Roberts and his gang are there, no decision of theirs will ever carry the credibility of law. They have failed this country for a very short term gain.

This is an age of firsts for this American. Our Supreme Court is that bastion of fairness and wisdom we were raised to more. They might think they have their reasons for falling on the side of insanity but the facts are pretty bad:

Fact A: The Republicans know the only way they can stay in power is if fewer votes are cast, by their own admission:

Fact B: The Governor of Wisconsin wanted voting yesterday (the deadliest day of the pandemic so far) delayed out of concern for public safety and health. They can't even get enough workers to man polling stations and yet the Republicans ganged together to force voting ANYWAY. They took it to the Supreme Court and here is where things get bad. In a flash decision the Roberts court decided that voting would happen in Wisconsin regardless of who dies and how invalid that makes the voting results. In the height of irony, these so-called wisemen all voted....remotely to disallow people voting remotely. This isn't some legal horseshit couched in terms no one can understand; it is as simple as it gets, the fix is in and no American can count on our justice system for said justice. No decision the Supreme Court makes going forward will ever escape the stench of partisan politics, the problem is when they fuck up, there is nowhere to appeal. And they know it. They have no fear of reprisal, removal or even dissent. 

In doing so, the supposedly independent judiciary is placing not just a thumb on the scales of justice but their whole Coronavirus infected elbow.

I know I have dementia and brain damage but this seems too plain, too obvious. Yet this is the day in which we live. We no longer have a functioning government of the people, etc and now our judiciary is deciding cases on behalf of all of us for the benefit of a single political party. IOW the Executive and Judicial Branches have broken the faith of the voters and worse, no decisions made by either branch will be free of the stench caused by this days actions. I have no reason to follow any law made by the Supreme Court or edict made by Donald Trump for the simple reason they are no longer acting in the roles they were elected to and the laws they make, the decisions they set down have the stench of partisan politics and any claims otherwise are disingenuous at best. 

Is Justice Roberts or his ilk suffering any for this? They use mail in ballots, they are not THAT FUCKING SPECIAL, no more so that Donald Trump is anything more than a high priced used car salesman who can't make quota....its people like you and me that are paying the price for this....I wish I was living longer to do something about it....

Justice Roberts your name will be forever attached to each and every death as a result of this, as surely as Donald J Trump will be remembered for generations as the leader too stupid to lead, propped up by corrupt politicians that don't even try to hide their corruption...

I tell ya, there oughtta be a law....


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