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Big Cannabis Updates

Hey gang, just a note to share that I have done some major updates to The Cannabis Files, adding what I hope is the completing bit of documentation for my grow system. I added sections explaining the rest of the equipment in the system in great detail, and then another one to explain how and why it all works, more about the life cycle of cannabis, tips for the disabled and even a new section on making your own hashish.

Then in Operation: Black Diesel a major step forward happened, I got the parts I needed to complete the trellis planter (seen above and yes I know about the rail) so basically that whole operation got converted to soilmix and the trellis planter needed for the project. Not to mention a totally shut-down bloom tent got refurbed back to operational status again. So now I have two Black Diesels in the trellis planter, getting acclimated to the new environment and the spare BD got put in an overflow tub for Bloom. Lots of information, pics and ideas....

Soon I mean to move…

A Small Victory

When I first started noticing the symptoms of my slow walk into oblivion, it wasn’t uncommon for me to walk to another part of the house for something and forget what I was after by the time I got there . But it was by no means the norm. We all joked about it. Things like apparently I was getting older because the senior moments sure were setting in firmly.

However, almost two years post diagnosis I almost never remember why I go from one area of the house to the other unless there is someone or something there to remind me and even then that doesn’t always mean success. That’s what made an event that occurred a couple of days ago so special. I walked into the kitchen to get something and, as per usual, I had no idea why I was there when I arrived. In the beginning, I would have stood and anguished over the forgotten item for several long minutes. But that routine has become so tiresome and frustrating over time that I have almost stopped giving extraordinary effort into remembering …

Is it real?

One of the problems that slaps you in the face as your dementia progresses is a faulty memory. Or more to the point, you can’t trust yourself to believe what your eyes are telling you that you are seeing. 
By way of example, I was in the kitchen a couple of days ago looking for a bowl that I had seen sitting on the counter just a short time before. Although I felt I scanned the countertop quite thoroughly, I could not find the bowl. I even moved a few things I knew that could not be blocking it and looked in the cabinet just in case someone had put it away. But alas, it was no where to be found. I called to my wife and asked if she knew what had become of the bowl. Her response was that she had not seen it. So, I went about my business, getting other things for my recipe ready, forgetting completely about the bowl. 

Shortly, I needed another item from the area where the bowl should have been. What do you think was sitting there when I returned to that area of the countertop? If you g…

The Morning After

It’s the morning after. The 2018 Son of A Son Of A Sailor tour rolled through Cincinnati yesterday, I attended the entire day’s tailgating events and the ensuing concert and am alive this Morton tell the tell. It was a much more difficult task to complete this year than in years past but one that I wouldn’t have missed for anything.

As a bit of background, for many years, one of my sons has taken me to the Jimmy Buffett concert, complete with the day of tailgating, as my Father’s Day present. It has become a tradition that we treasure, at least I’m sure I do and he seems to as well. But since my diagnosis, each year has become a bit more of a struggle for me to make through the entire day’s activities. The heat, the noise, crowds, unfamiliar surroundings, etc... are just becoming more than my befuddled system can process. I can still fake my way through it for the most part and hide the majority of my lapses but not all. And because of this I think I may be most thankful for the litt…

Phantom memories

One thing all AD, PD and LBD folks share as the dementia worsens is an alteration or modification of not just how we perceive the world around us but how we recall memories as well. In my case, I am lucky the changes in perception have been thus far limited to auditory, taste and smell-based phantoms. I have seen no aliens so far.

That is not to say all is great because one thing that is ham-stringing any attempt at normalcy is the fact that of late I have been plagued with phantom short-term or working memories. I can recall events and things I did yesterday in incredible detail that never happened.

In my parents' day, this would have just been shuffled off to anything from old-age to lunacy on the part of the patient. And the patient would have few ways to know if what he or she is recalling is real or not. Not so today; today almost everything we do (or don't do) leaves a digital trail or fingerprint. So when I have these detailed memories, first thing I do is check to see…

Operation: Black Diesel update

Update: 07/08/2018::09:40

OK this mornings update is more of a simpler status update I am making since I had to do work around the now-vegging Black Diesel plants in my overflow/vegging tub. I had 5 Gorilla Glue #4s and a single Sunset Sherbet ready to come out the the mini-DWC unit I use for starts and get into their longer-term homes, my magic To Go cups (man need a better name). These are my 32-oz plastic to go containers I have modified to be multi-use hydro and soil containers...look like this:

So I got the six transplanted from straight Deep Water Culture to these cups with hydroton in them. I think there is a story elsewhere on this site that explains better.

In any event, this is precisely what I did with the Black Diesel starts back a bit; the plants sit in the hydroton in the cup with flow-holes and I can just plop it into my overflow tub of nutrients. Doing it this way lets me squeeze alot of plants into a tiny area while ensuring they are getting the best of nurtients, wa…

Happy 4th of July, world...from your warped neighbor, America

From this day forward, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday. Thanks to the childish antics in the Trump administration and the general vacuum between King Dons ears, it will be remembered as a time of American adventurism, greed and dishonor.

This may sound awful on this day, and perhaps even worse coming from a disabled American veteran but it is in fact how this day feels. I see the shameful and quite frankly brain-dead things Trump is doing in my name and it makes one want to cry.

He who knows absolutely nothing about military service passes judgment on those that do. He who knows nothing of the truth holds closed-door, witness-free meetings with the worst dictators in the world, emerges with nothing, claims victory time and again and says "trust me."

A guy selling you a car can say that and its up to you to believe him or not. The leader of your country, who is making deals for your very lives and livelihoods, "trust me" is no longer …