Big Cannabis Updates

Bloom tent for Operation: Black Diesel

Hey gang, just a note to share that I have done some major updates to The Cannabis Files, adding what I hope is the completing bit of documentation for my grow system. I added sections explaining the rest of the equipment in the system in great detail, and then another one to explain how and why it all works, more about the life cycle of cannabis, tips for the disabled and even a new section on making your own hashish.

Then in Operation: Black Diesel a major step forward happened, I got the parts I needed to complete the trellis planter (seen above and yes I know about the rail) so basically that whole operation got converted to soilmix and the trellis planter needed for the project. Not to mention a totally shut-down bloom tent got refurbed back to operational status again. So now I have two Black Diesels in the trellis planter, getting acclimated to the new environment and the spare BD got put in an overflow tub for Bloom. Lots of information, pics and ideas....

Soon I mean to move the remaining plants in veg (5 Gorilla Glue #4s and a single Sunset Sherbet) to the outside to finish this fall. Thats a bigger thing than you think: I live in the desert and I don't care who tells you what, growing cannabis in the desert is a cast-iron bitch. I can grow stuff at the edges of the summer, like spring and fall but never have gotten plants to survive in the summer here. 100-120 degrees every day for months on end, almost zero rain. So over the past few years I have been doing experiments to figure out how plants might survive and I think I am on to something and once I am sure, I will share it here. Growing pot with disabilities is all about overcoming I am trying to overcome this one. That will be documented more fairly soon. Since the Black Diesel stuff is due to die down soon, the outside grow will take priority so expect something then....