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The Nightmare I the only veteran that is worried?

Man I can't believe our country is this broken. The horrible shit that started all this not withstanding, what I saw in the news scared me tonight: president DumbAss is itching to trigger the Insurrection Act to fight and control the protesters out there, trying to frame it as if this were a key to peace and security.

Not a fucking chance kids and for the slow students (of which I counted myself from time to time), if Trump is allowed to do this:

* There is zero chance it will end there. For one reason, what this will do is force the other side to pull out all the stops and go after the invaders to their neighborhoods, regardless of who is wearing what uniform.

* Unlike the Rodney King era instance when they triggered this, this will be effective in all 50 states, losing trained killers (which we all are, except maybe some of the Air Force weenies) all over America with no training or reasonable Rules of Engagement. In fact expect these to change so frequently they will never be …

Winding things up...down....whatever.

Hey Kids, I hope everyone is dealing with the corona virus without being an idiot, which from what I can see in the news, is way too much responsibility for some folks.

In any event, this will by definition be short. I started this back in...IDK 2016? Maybe; thats when president AssHat got elected and I recall writing about it then so...anyways. This place has grown alot, grown "organically" as we consultants used to claim back in the day, a euphemism for having lost all direction or control. It is in parts political rant (a form of therapy for me. Hey at least I am not out taking hostages, right?), part dementia advocacy and perhaps information resource for caregivers and patients, part documentary to give the average Joe a better idea of what Lewy Body Dementia is and is not. Because I needed it, its also part humor or satire and finally because it has been more useful than anything the doctor ordered, a cannabis grow site for the disabled. 

It is now approaching mid-2020…

Coronavirus by the Numbers. (Or, “Sure, there’s no difference in the Coronavirus and the seasonal flu”.

The latest Coronavirus numbers @noon today were 1,239,100 confirmed cases in the United States with 73,956 confirmed deaths.  If you do the math, 73,956/1,239,100*100%=5.9%. Meaning 5.9% of all confirmed cases have resulted in death. Now I realize this isn’t the best method for determining the virulence and mortality rate of this virus but it gives us a very good rough estimate. All these deaths occurred in ~9 weeks.

By comparison, the seasonal flu varies widely each year in the number of resultant deaths due to a variety of factors. The most recent multi year average I could find was for the years beginning in 1976 and ending in 2007 showing the average confirmed caseload of influenza in the US was 23,607 per year. The most for one year I could find was 45,000,000 confirmed cases with 61,000 deaths during the 2017-2018 flu season. By the math, 61,000/45,000,000*100%=.135%. .135% of all confirmed cases of influenza during the ‘17-‘18 flu season resulted in death. This was during appro…

Donald Trump Has Finally Taken a Real Dementia Test. Results: FAIL!

OK that might seem a bit dramatic but in point of fact is true. I honestly did not think I would see it in the time I have remaining but there it is. And here he went. And here we are.
Back what feels like a hundred years ago, Trump trotted out his physician who proclaimed that Donald Trump didn't have dementia because he passed the what is known as a MoCA test. This is the stupid little test every physician-wannabe-neurologist gives you in the office, takes less than 5 minutes and, ask any actual dementia patient out there, completely worthless. As any dementia patient will tell you: if you are bad enough to fail the MoCA test, you are bad enough not to need a test in the first place.
One primary problem with the standard test is that it in no way stresses the executive function, one of the more debilitating things to lose. When taken in a sterile, quiet environment, anyone could pass the MoCA, I could ace it and I HAVE dementia, so the fact that Trump passed that one just exactly …

The Mayor of Las Vegas is Useless to the People of Las Vegas

UPDATE: There is an adage that goes something like: It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. In yet another instance of life imitating art, 1 hour after I post this I found out idiot mayor doubling down on her brainless leadership. I mean come ON lady, you know you are stupid, Las Vegas residents are onto your clown act but did you really HAVE to go on Anderson Fucking Cooper and display your ignorance for the whole world to see?
 Dumb shit like that could kill tourism here far longer than any lockdown. The very least you could have done is gone on Fox and Friends; that way at least nobody with a functioning brain would have seen it. Having a broken brain is one thing to deal with; I know, have a terminal brain disease my own self but going on a national cable news network before completely sobering up is something usually we leave to the Guliani's of the country...
But the most shocking thing she …

The Supreme Court is now an arm of the Republican Party. Thought this wasn't supposed to happen in America..

As long as Roberts and his gang are there, no decision of theirs will ever carry the credibility of law. They have failed this country for a very short term gain.

This is an age of firsts for this American. Our Supreme Court is that bastion of fairness and wisdom we were raised to more. They might think they have their reasons for falling on the side of insanity but the facts are pretty bad:
Fact A: The Republicans know the only way they can stay in power is if fewer votes are cast, by their own admission:

Fact B: The Governor of Wisconsin wanted voting yesterday (the deadliest day of the pandemic so far) delayed out of concern for public safety and health. They can't even get enough workers to man polling stations and yet the Republicans ganged together to force voting ANYWAY. They took it to the Supreme Court and here is where things get bad. In a flash decision the Roberts court decided that voting would happen in Wisconsin regardless of who dies and how invalid that …

Thomas B. Modly is antithetical to the concept of esprit de corp drilled into every service person

This is the moron that fired a Naval Captain for protecting his crew.
One of the worst parts of dementia is expressive aphasia, it takes your words away and makes them hard to use. Yesterday when I read that Thomas B. Modly fired Captain Brett Crozier for trying to save the crew of his ship, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Then today Modly actually stood up before the crew of the Roosevelt and called their beloved Captain stupid directly to their faces.  Update 07 April 2020: Modly resigns. He tried to apologize, tried every trick in the book to save his own ass but like many Trump sycophants, was abandoned at the first bad press, which this character got in spades. GF riddance you soilless bastard, You are so unfit for commanding a row boat I am amazed that Trump ever got you in...oh wait, McConnell et all are STILL doing his dirty work...

This is wrong on so many levels; as a veteran I am ashamed of our leadership. They buckled under the pressure of the man-baby Trump and did the unthinka…

As long as our dear leader is a moron, I say let the morons that follow him can all eliminate their social distancing.

Warning: Rant Therapy Ahead: Thanks to the LBD I only get a working mind a few hours a day, and when those hours are spent seeing something so logically, scientifically wrong and you (at that moment anyways) have a logic-minded brain, this shit sticks out and ruins what few hours of sanity I have. So instead of taking larger action, the safest thing for all is my Rant Therapy; Randy does it too, uses this joint to let off steam, Randy's no idiot either, not his fault he is from McConnell-land (just teasing Randy) take this for what it is, the ramblings of a sometimes crazy mind....Update 1: The Republicans are still at it; if they had their way there simply would not be any voters....I honestly don't see how they think they will politically survive the rather brain-dead decision to FORCE voting on the public in the middle of a pandemic. It keeps bringing the question, how stupid and arrogant are the Republicans....really?

The Republicans have a problem, a voter problem, a…

The end of operation: constant clarity, so far seems to be a success.

Well, its been a long-assed road kids but we are finally here, the moment of truth. As of today, the 18:1 RSO has officially been made! Woowoo! This morning I started with this:

And three hours later I had this:

Actually I had more than this but I am trying to hit a specific target with no laboratory to check results. Thus I three batches of RSO: Batch 1: Standard high THC RSO for pain, sleep, appetite. Flower(s): White Widow and Tahoe Cure. Batch 2. 20:1 high CBD from lab-tested to produce 20% CBD and 1% THC in the flower.  Straight extraction of CB Diesel. In all likelihood this will be the target med. Batch 3: In case Batch 2 didn't have quite enough THC (its very low) this Batch is basically Batch 2 boosted with a little of the stuff from Batch 1. 
Batch one will be used for day to day pain, appetite encouragement, sleep at end of day. Batch two will be the test batch to treat dementia and Parkinsons symptoms and Batch 3 will be used if Batch 2 proves ineffective.  
Actual hu…

Behold, the power of dementia in the right mental hands...

Summary: No matter how bad your surroundings are, any dementia patient still in the MCI has the ability to create and slip away to their very own customized safe room/house. Safe from the chaos, safe from the virus, safe from the idiocy. Best part is anyone can do it with even a little practice plus this is one of those feats that your dementia will actually make easier.

Hi, my name is Jeff Cobb, I have Lewy Body Dementia, and I am here to tell you that if used properly, dementia can be some powerful-assed shit.  Call it what you want, let me tell you what I did yesterday:

Due to the Corona virus pandemic I stayed indoors, thought ALOT about washing hands, surfaces, etc until I saw one dog licking his butt and the other dog licking my hands. What's the point. Seriously though, it was a day spent as I think many Americans did, tension followed by monotony followed by moments of disbelief at the idiocy of my own government above the State level, then depression that the dispensaries…

My Corona Virus Pandemic Darwin Award Nominations

Summary: As bad as the corona virus pandemic is, there is a very real, very science-based potential bright side to surviving. In point of fact after the pandemic is done, there is every chance there will be drastically fewer Republicans, Fox viewers, hate-mongers in the guise of news reporters fouling this planet. Imagine what a country we will have then. Read on for exactly how this will happen... There is a pandemic happening right now, COVID-19 or "the corona virus". Most people are doing their best to stay alive, not needlessly endanger others and simply survive this crisis by using their brains.

And then there are the rest of them out there that are pretending this is a hoax, going out and partying in large groups, ignoring quarantines and in some truly asinine cases intentionally try to get infected.

As expected the public and media react in horror to these cretins, wondering first what is wrong with them and secondly how soon they will get themselves and others killed…

Welcome to my dementia

Sometimes, out of the mouths of babes....well ok, crazy drug-addled old farts...I speak of course, of Ozzy Osbourne, recently confirmed passenger on the USS Dementia. However many years before this, the Ozz-meister was singing about dementia as if he had it back then. Who knows. Anyhow, I made this video with Ozzys help and some images that help welcome you to my dementia....

Peace, Jeff.

Coronavirus vs Flu

This is meant for those of you who aren't living with a chronic, disabling health condition, aren't caring for someone with a chronic health condition, or really don't know anyone with a chronic health condition and are worried and concerned about having to curtail your activities and be inconvenienced with the current viral scare which is, let's face it, no worse than the common cold and after all, the flu kills 1000's each year and we don't get all up in arms about it. For you, I have a few helpful, well meaning suggestions.

1. Have you tried reading a good  book?

2. Have you tried exercise?

3. Have you tried extra sleep?

4. Have you tried concentrating on other things?

5. Have you considered it's all in your head, a figment of your imagination?

6. Have you tried jogging?
7. Have you tried meditation
(Each of these have been said to me since I was diagnosed with LBD, mostly by well meaning family and friends)

8. Have you considered that although this is the same t…

Stoner Lifestyle for the Disabled: Stoner Food

Greetings kids, it's time to talk about something both much, much lighter than our usual fare and near and dear to my heart: Making Stoner Food.

Stoner Food? WTF? Stoner Food as a defined item could be described as "food that you are able to concoct from what's on the shelf, tastes good, is filling and most important of all it is simple to the point that you can do it with half your brain tied behind your back."
OK That was a mouthful but that describes Stoner Food in this house; in many asthetic ways, stoner food accomplishes many of the same goals as so-called "comfort food", scratches the same itches, it is simply nowhere as complicated to make. As a bonus, "Stoner Food" doesn't describe one specific dish or recipe, but rather a whole universe of plug and play opportunities for adventure in the kitchen. Best of all, because its safe for stoners to make, its safe for the disabled dementia patient as well!

Key tenets of stoner food cooking a…