Graham the Hipocrite


Mr. Graham,

I would like to congratulate you on a long and storied career. When you eventually pass, as we all must do at some point, your headstone will undoubtedly be inscribed with many superlatives: Brother, veteran, attorney, congressman, senator, presidential candidate...are but a few that come to mind. Very impressive accomplishments from a still relatively young man.

It’s a crying shame that you have chosen to completely destroy that legacy in the short time since your very good friend, John McCain, passed and you became a Trump toady. A man you called a jackass, a man who gave out your personal cell phone number while calling you an idiot because you dared disagree with his positions, a man you called a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot, a man you said was un-American, a man you said didn’t have a clue about anything. You went so far as to say that if the Republican party nominated Trump that the party would be destroyed...and would deserve it. You even stated you would rather lose without Donald Trump than win with him.

Then, in a blink of an eye, he became your bff, your confidant, in short...your supreme leader. You have kowtowed to his every whim since Senator McCain passed. You have even allowed all the hateful rhetoric that Trump has spewed toward your friend, John McCain, without even attempting to call him on it. And now, you have blatantly lied to the constituents of your state and the American people with the highest degree of hypocrisy thrown in for good measure. In case you’re wondering what I’m speaking of, try to remember a statement you emphatically made in 2016 and again in 2018. You stated that should there be a SCOTUS vacancy during the last year of the next president’s term and the primary season had begun, even if a Republican president, that the senate would not consider a nomination from the sitting president as set forth in the precedent setting snubbing of Merrick Garland. I recently heard you say that you changed your stance following what you thought to be a rail roading of Mr. Kavanaugh. I have a real problem with that as the last time you made this statement was well after the Kavanaugh hearings. The interviewer reminded you that you were on the record and you said you understood, to hold the tape for future reference and to hold your words against you if you flip flopped.

Well sir, we intend to hold your words against you. We are tired of the career, hypocritical, lying, party over country politicians that we are being subjected to. This is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they ushered in the birth of our country. They believed that legislators would be statesmen, honest, and, to not become career politicians. They intended you folks to serve your term or two and go back to your private life and earn your own living. They did not intend for public servants to have a life long position at the hog trough. They envisioned our leaders to be the best of us who would selflessly put the national interests above their personal priorities, not someone who will follow a president no matter how egregious their actions and smile and say “thank you sir, may I have more?” They envisioned leaders such Clay, Reagan, King, Lincoln, Washington, and Roosevelt to name but a few. They expected them to have a sense of fairness, idealism, and unity. You sir, and most of your colleagues from both sides of the aisle, definitely do not live up to the ideals.

So, to wrap up, I return to the outset of this little missive and the words inscribed upon your headstone. The superlatives I mentioned earlier will still be there, they are your accomplishments and can not be taken from you. However, now you will also have another list of words, words that won’t be kind and will reflect your complete loyalties to a man who is determined to become this countries 1st autocrat and, in so doing, destroy the very foundations of our constitutional republic. Words such as sycophant, enabler, hypocrite, liar, self serving, egotistical, dishonest and many, many others. With further consideration it occurs to me that although your accomplishments can not be taken from you, you are doing a damn good job of giving them away and smashing their memories. History will not remember you positively. Nor should it!

PS: I happened to see a replay of an interview last night in which you promised as a Republican that your party would accept the results of the election or the court’s decision if necessary. You Promised As A Rupublican! First, I don’t give a damn what you promise as a Republican. We’ve seen as late as this week how much your promises as a Republican amount to...flip-flop as soon as your current statement no longer fits the narrative you and the party wish to put forth. What I do want is your promise as an American, lawyer, and former member of the US military’s Judge Advocate General office. And then I want you to muster the integrity and courage to actually live up to the words you have spoken.

Second, as referenced above, why would anyone believe anything you say at this point. You have completely destroyed any credibility you ever had by hypocritically reversing statements and promises you made on the record. Fool us once...