McConnell's Folly


The early and mid 80’s were a good time in my life. I had been married only a few years, I was a new father, and I was in the process of completing the requirements to earn my DMD from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

It was at this time that I became aware of a young man in Louisville, the Jefferson County Judge Executive to be exact (you, Mr McConnell) who seemed to be doing great things under a very difficult set of circumstances. I was thrilled when you won your first senate race and eagerly watched as you began your senate career as what seemed to be someone who stood on the side of right, no matter which side of the aisle happened to be right at the time. You appeared to have utter disdain for politics as usual. When your 1st 6 year term came to an end and you were reelected I was again happy to see your good fortune and, in turn, that of our country. But, I’m sorry to say, that was the last time I was even remotely happy with your tenure in the United States Senate.

Long before your 2nd term ended it became blatantly obvious you had switched your alliances from the people and state of Kentucky to your unbridled quest for power and money. The money almost seemed secondary to the power. You soon started down the slippery slope of betraying you principals for that power early in your 2nd term and soon abandoned all pretenses of your having any guiding principals other than to advance your own causes at any cost.

By the completion of your 3rd term, I thought you had sold out your constituents and the best interests of the Commonwealth to the last degree possible. I was wrong. You started proving that in 2016 when you refused to even give a hearing to Merrick Garland and you have now left no doubt in just how low you will stoop and the level of hypocrisy you will employ to advance your agenda. You couldn’t even allow 24 hours to pass before racing headlong into that hypocrisy by stating President Trump’s SCOTUS pick would receive a vote on the senate floor, hopefully prior to the election.

Judge Garland was nominated almost 9 months prior to the 2016 presidential election and nearly a year prior to the end of Obama’s administration and you unequivocally declared this was much to close to the election to allow the sitting president to make the nomination, that that decision should be left to the people at the ballot box. Now, with less than 6 weeks to the 2020 presidential election, you see absolutely no problems with advancing the nomination of whoever Mr. Trump’s pick happens to be. You and Lindsey Graham have gone so far as to say you have the votes to confirm this pick even though the pick has not been made. This begs the question, why even hold hearings and a confirmation vote. The fix is in, this nominee is golden regardless of who it happens to be.

And now, you have the nerve to throw out this BS about the senate and presidency being in the same hands and it was precedent to confirm. Funny, that precedent wasn’t used as a selling point in denying Judge Garland a hearing, little lone a vote. Why don’t you just be honest with the American people and say that you alone have the power to decide if and when anyone gets a vote on the senate floor and you enjoy wielding that power for your betterment and advancing your political doctrines, regardless of the outcome for the country.

You sir have done more to destroy the basic tenets of our country and deconstruct all three branches of the federal government than anyone I can even remotely think of during my lifetime. You have effectively set yourself up as the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong, constantly ignoring the will of the American people as demonstrated by town halls, community meetings, protests, and nationwide polling which is almost continuously the opposite of what you want to do and are determined to complete no matter the costs to the country and her people.

I hope you are comfortable with the terms hypocrite, enabler, liar, sycophant, sell out, impostor, panderer and many, many others for now they will forever be the greatest part of your legacy. I’m sure you really aren’t concerned with what I believe concerning your actions but history will not look upon you kindly. Nor should it.