Dementia giveth and dementia taketh away...


This isn't meant to be deep or anything; in point of fact there is little depth left to me.  However when I learn something I didn't know about dementia or maybe about having dementia, I write it down here.

Until you have dementia yourself, you only see the defects and symptoms as exactly that: defects.

Defective memory, defective cognition, defective motor skills and so on.  Well guess what: those same defects can be made to work for you too. Whats best is when it allows you to do things so-called normal people are incapable of doing. 

Case in point: a person with dementia goes thru a kind of hell every day, half from dealing with trying to pretend normalcy with half your brain tied behind your back and the other half from picking up the pieces when things screw up on you....over and over and over. Its usually after about a dozen of these disasters that we finally get pissed off and its also about that time when some normal person supplies that most worthless of wisdoms: Its OK, it was only a (fill in the blank). As if that makes it OK. 

The irony is not lost on me: I know I have to put up with a deal with probably 10x the things going wrong in my day than you do yours yet if the roles were reversed, you would be going postal by now, taking hostages and the whole nine yards whereas we take such daily doses of disaster with as much grace as we can muster. 

The cool thing though is that any one of these things are enough to ruin anyones day but thanks to the dementia, I have learned that no matter how bad or shitty my day is going, I can just sit on the couch, watch a cartoon, play a game and guess what? Forgotten. The painful, anguishing feelings are either gone or pushed so far back of your brain you really don't care anymore. So as bad as things can seem at any one moment I know that if I just STOP doing things for an hour or so, the dementia will take care of the rest......


  1. Hope you are hanging in there Jeff! Thinking of you!!

    1. Greets Pam; getting by, surviving this whole pandemic better than most, though my LBD is now advanced to the point that its changing who I am. On the upside, after much training and guidance I have as of now officially turning all grow chores and responsibility over to my wife and she is now chief budtender and doing great. And right now I am pretty pleased that we don't live almost anywhere else in the US. All that said, my input here has dwindled greatly of late, as has Randys so who knows how long this place will keep going. I am working now in fact to find someone to pass this on to when I can no longer run it.

      How are you holding up?


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