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Project: WikiJeff

Hi gang, Jeff Cobb here. As my disease progresses, aside from the usual fun stuff with walking and memory, I find that those windows of time where I can more or less focus only a few steps below what I used to, these windows are coming less and less frequently and at pretty random times. I am finding that times that I can focus enough to even write in this blog only come once in what feels like a while. Its not that I don't want to write in that state, I simply cannot figure out how to operate the pretty brain-dead WordPress dashboard. Where before my idiot-cycles or low-phases  consumed maybe 10-20% of my waking day, now its more like 50-70% of the time. In this state I can barely operate the apps I need, if I can even turn the thing on and log in properly at all. Memory loss sucks because this is my one primary remaining contact with the outside world and even if memory loss prevents me from operating my box correctly enough to get done what I want, its never strong enough to w…

My reality is starting to feel like an alien planet..

My reality is drifting from that version of reality that is shared by everyone else on the planet. It isn't that it is alien and strange to me; rather it is how strange it would seem to you, occupants of the rest of the human race. I know this is true because sometimes my caregiver, who is a mental giant next to me right now, describes something we both can see but her version looks nothing like my own and since I know I am the insane one, I am forced to accept hers as "real" and my own a product of my own diseased mind.

Here is an example:

Traditionally I have been the one to take care of everything to do with cannabis in this house, from selecting the seeds and strains to grow, to bringing the plants to maturity, post-processing of said plants and finally processing them into medicine through extraction. I used to be reasonably good at it and because I am still responsible for it, and that I do get things to the finish line most of the time, it is her opinion that I h…

My sphere of comprehension

Greetings all, this is Jeff with an update. All along this forum has been through the efforts of an ex-dentist and an ex-engineer, both with advancing dementia. We keep up with what we can but at the end of the day, we are lucky to get something out the door. Hell some days we are lucky to even find the door.

This should help explain the hap-hazard organization here. Here is the deal: we will keep doing this as long as we are able and capable. Once it is too hard or too many mistakes are leaking out, we will exit gracefully. One thing I hope to do before too long is hire someone to organize the pages and information, so all the medical stuff is in one place, the humor or ranting stuff is in another, etc. Plus, I know between us we have quite a bit of writing on the subject of LBD; these stories will get posted as pages off of the LBD Stories page. I will write when and if I can.

I have often said that the 5-minute neuro-psych test is a waste of time and if you are bad enough to fail …

Understanding Conversations

I’ve come to a realization of late concerning conversations that I’m involved in. I’ve known for some time that I’m becoming increasingly unable to follow and understand any but the simplest of conversations but I had not analyzed the path those conversations most often take. It was not until I was in the middle of my latest round of neuropsych testing that the actual process of the conversation hit me. It goes something like this.

The person I’m speaking with  starts their sentence and I’ll do my very best to follow each and every word. But as soon I realize that I am watching each word be pushed off the edge of a cliff as each new word is spoken. It is much like the old  Price is Right game where there are a bunch of numbers in a line and a player has to push the numbers until the correct price shows up and the excess  numbers fall off the edge as they are pushed.  In my mind,  I see the words already spoken falling off the edge of the cliff as the excess numbers do when they are p…