Rant Therapy: Some things from an average American that needs to be said.


I am a disabled American veteran who is aghast at the things he sees everyday in the news, things being said and done in his name, things tarnishing the image of the country he loved dearly enough to enlist in the Army for two hitches. 

I have had enough and since my brain disease will likely stop posts from me soon I felt that I needed to get this out. 

In no particular order:

* Cops: See the message in the graphic I made, explains it all but until you earn the trust and respect that you demand from the public that you are supposed to serve, you have none, because the trust of the public is the only one that counts. The whole "few bad apples" argument is patently bullshit because even if it were true (and current statistics say Nah, I don't think so Tim), that means then there the rest of the so-called "good cops" stood around and watched. For the slow students out there, that makes them no better than the "bad cops", making them ALL bad cops. So if you want respect again, you need to fix your system, get the bad cops out (and super-seriously, fuck the unions. They advocate not just leaving bad and dangerous cops in place they promote them when they can and hide them when they can't). 

In short, as of right now, an armed cop comes to my door I have no reason to think they are there are official business. They will have no right to my home, my person or my property. They are the enemy and have to prove otherwise to expect any other treatment. I have witnessed too much of the police running rough-shod over civil rights, peoples lives and livelihoods. They walked right past the armed Kenosha shooter and did NOTHING. The union tried to claim ignorance but see the above: it only means they are all ignorant and any group of people that ignorant should not be allowed to carry weapons or have authority. In short, the police union ended up proving how very worthless the police are because when they can't even see it right in front of their eyes, they are either selective or defective, neither of which is an excuse. Under no circumstances should you confuse law and order with what you are doing every day.

Oh and for the cops that want to play that game of "well we will just be slow in responding to you, you will see how much you need me!" but they forget that we hold the purse strings and they can get a paycheck somewhere else, there are many who would do honest police work, not be dicks and try to be a decent human being and for what cops get paid, finding a replacement would be easy in this economy. So go ahead hero, try that one, see where you end up (read: unemployment line).

Lest anyone think this is about the cops...this is about ALL the crap going on.

* Mark Fucking Meadows things nobody outside of DC cares that Trump and his gang are violating the Hatch act daily and with impunity. Well guess what dumbass, nobody did care until Trump came along, abused the hell of every thing he touched. We are neither dumb nor as blind as you are.  Thats the reason I am secretly glad Trump came along; in the hands of a half-way competent criminal, he could have gotten away with so much more, ruined our country faster and killed more people before turing it into an autocracy.  But Trump could not help himself, got greedy and tried to grab every damned thing he could, nailed down or otherwise and did nothing to hide it. Now his criminality and those who work for him are bare for all to see, something unlikely if Trump were  a competent crook.

* This is a case where you wish you could just download the end of the season and see how it all ends up. I honestly don't think Trump had a chance in hell of winning come November but Trump winning is almost as scary as Trump losing and when Trump loses, he tries to make sure everyone else loses *worse* if at all possible. What that means for November to January is anyones guess.  I would put nothing past him if his past actions are any indication.

* Trumps crying wolf is finally a reality. He has lied so many times since taking office, directly from his lips to my ear that he and his staff have zero credibility anymore. Who cares? Well, if the president comes to be with a vaccine out of no-where (being polite, he will pull it out of his ass) and tells me its safe, it works and has been thoroughly tested, I will have no reason to believe him and skip it. If he comes to be making a case to go to war with Iran or North Korea or Mexico (nothing is beyond the Trump and Miller Show) I won't be able to believe them either, they have been proven charlatans and liars far too many times to give them any credence now. Thats why his whining about mail-in ballots is falling flat, Trump has lied so much there is no real reason to believe him. In fact if he says someone is innocent (or guilty or) then I must assume the opposite is in fact true. Its that bad.

* The Idiots Around Us. Anti-maskers, antivaxxers the whole lot of them. I am sure this is not the first time they have heard this but there comes a point where the addage "you can lead a horse to water but can't make them drink" comes to importance. We can explain how a virus works, we can explain why these things help (distancing, masks, hygeine) but the bottom line is common sense, just not the common sense you have. After seeing how resistant to facts and Real Life (tm) these people are, I am at the point of no longer caring if they live or die and in point of fact I am starting to encourage the anti-maskers and vaxxers to keep going, get two or three more friends to join them....this isn't for me, this is for the benefit of future generations because then, at least *these* examples of cognitive and genetic deficiency will no longer be in the gene pool. In other words, they will die, perhaps some of their kids too. Sure the families will have to live with "IDIOCY" being cause of death but hey we can pick our friends but not our family....

*As an adjunct to the above however, if any of you nuts get anywhere near me or my family, I will consider that a physical assault with intent to kill. As such I have two things you might be interested in:
1. A get out of prosecution free card (read: previously-documented dementia)....successful prosecution of such individuals has proven quite difficult and if that were not enough, the LBD will likely take me before any terrestrial force can pass judgment. I have nothing to lose.
2. 3 Feet of zombie killing steel, within easy reach. 

So go ahead, bring your maskless ass on down and see just how tolerant I can be if I answer the door. 

* A funny thing about this election. I am certain Trump is going to lose, thats not any magic prognostication, thats just numbers and facts. No the funny this is that not only will Trump lose, the way he is going at it, he will lose to himself. Biden is such a non-personality, a non-entity that all he needs to do in order to win is not be Donald Trump. Thats it. So Trump gives Biden shit for hiding in his basement I say hey its no crazier than infecting your base with a deadly virus two months before election and it will cost alot less. This says less than enthusiastic things for Biden but he is being the only thing he needs to be right now: non-offensive. Next election may be about policy, this one is about triage.

* The violence will continue until Trump is out of office and all evidence of his presidency removed, hires all fired, laws reversed. Not one minute sooner and here is the simple reason why: Trump can only combat the problem by killing the symptom (civil unrest) which is as failed an approach as piling on more band-aids when you really need stitches.  This is demonstrated by how he treated the whole Colin Kapernick (sp) situation. Because Trump never understood the cause, the reason, he was never able to get rid of the kneeling, no matter what insane steps he took to do so. For the same reason, soldiers on the streets will not make this go away. You are getting rid of one problem by giving Americans another one and gues what, that just gives us TWO asses to kick, not a different one. So now we have to deal with your ham-fisted response and THEN we can get back to protesting police brutality. .it just means we are coming for both of you, because this is not how Americans act. We are better than this; we are btter than you.

* This leads to the last thing for now, a kind of final, fundamental truth as to why Trump has to go. All of his acts of stupidity and ass-holeishness aside, I don't want a president thats dumber than I am, morally worse than I am, a bigger criminal than I am.  I expect he or she to be better than I am, better than most of us, because otherwise whats the point of them being in office in the first place? 

** Sorry one more thing, this whole "antifa" bullshit. First I cannot believe that I live in an America where being an anti-fascist is an unpatriotic thing to do but in Trumps America, that is the truth on the ground. Our parents fought the worst fascists in the world; now it seems we must do so as well. One philosophical thought nags me: if the Republicans are against the anti-fascists, and being anti-fascist is something I consider good, then what does that say about the ideals of the Republicans? While I have never actually met one of the so-called "antifa" gang, I can totally get behind the idea of anti-fascism and I won't have the likes of ethical have-nots like Trump and Bill Barr acting like *I* am the bad guy...

*** Oh screw it. This is likely to be one of my final rant columns anyways, you can only stay ahead of fate for so-long and there have been a lot of things that have pissed me off that keep happening that make me question the sanity of this country, for example:

* We see Trump in the toilet with someone (say Latinos or Blacks or...take yer pick)....his polling is in the basement, has been for years AND YET I see Trump do exactly nothing for said group or demographic for months and yet I see in the news "Trump approval with Latinos surges to 55%" or some value and I have to ask how the hell can Trump claim to suddenly have a surge or better numbers when he has done nothing to earn that?  I mean it makes no sense when nothing is done to cause or trigger a change in the physical state of something yet the state spontaneously changes anyways....I feel worse though for people who watch Fox News and get suckered by stuff like this.....me? When I see this sort of thing happen I just ignore it and this fact has been proven right everytime.

* I really wonder how Mitch McConnell is going to survive going forward, politically. He like others bet the farm on Trump and once Trump is gone, they will be left with no more farm to protect. I don't know if I am alone in this but while I hate Trump and his mis-management of this country, I hold Mitch McConnell responsible for the pain. He knew what he was putting in place with Trump and it had to be some calculation that whatever he thought he was getting from Trump would be worth the guilt and shame supporting Trump would require. I hope it was worth it to him; in fact it will be interesting to see how much of a value McConnell thinks Trump is as the months and years go by....


  1. HOLY CRAP Batman! A Comment! And the crowd goes wild...Seriously though....this site is so rarely visited by anyone possessing more than a dozen brain-cells Randy and I use it to vent. "Rant Therapy" can be a healing thing but I never expected anyone to actually read it. The worst is that in rant therapy with dementia, its a catch-22 because you need this to keep ugly feelings from building up inside you (common problem with dementia patients) yet aphasia, the difficulty speaking and understanding words and phrases, makes the rant difficult. You can have the best thoughts, vocabulary, speaking style, take yer pick and as soon as the emotions get going, the aphasia gets going double-time and you start speaking gibberish, writing is only a little easier. Like the more pissed you are the harder it is to make any sense at all....which is another reason I am a little...nervous about folks reading that, I am at my worst trying to express things cleanly and clearly.

    Still, thank you for reading. Sometimes I think the folks in Washington actually believe the crap they are spouting about so-called "average Americans". This average American would fire the whole lot of them and start over.

    While Trumps tenure has been an exercise in pain for me, I am glad my LBD let me hang on long enough to see this election through, I would hate to die with my last thought being Donald Fucking Trump is still president.


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