An easy, cheap clone rooter anyone can make

I was in a little fix the other day, one that anyone who has grown indoors is familiar with: the one plant in the whole bunch that wants to grow wild and hard to control. The rest of my plants are all of a similar size and shape; this CBD plant (20:1 CB Diesel) was growing long and lanky, not good for flower. Plus, since the others of its genetics I had died, I needed to make more and THAT boys and girls was the answer to the first problem, by taking clone cuttings from all of the longer top branches, upper-growth is slowed and side-to-side growth will occur.

However I have one main 6-seater of a hydro unit I use for such things and as luck would have it, mine was full of other clones ATM. I could have waited till the stuff in the clone rooter finished but the CBD plant was growing into the lights right NOW and needed to be dealt with.

So I leveraged that special "MacGyver" gene that all indoor growers seem to possess, looked about the room and with just scrap parts found on the floor of the grow room (but for sure in any home in the US)  I made a 6-clone rooter for no cost, it was easy for me which means for disabled folks and I already know it works because it obeys the FAWL rules of Food, Air, Water and Light.

Making stuff to grow cannabis just takes a little imagination...I made a quickie dumb video showing the I could do, writing is getting hard these days...