The Evolution of the Anti-Republican


This is something I needed to leave behind in this politically-nutso world. Couple of true things:

1. Prior to 2016 I didn't even know WTF a Republican, Democrat or anything inbetween was. We checked Democrat on our voting form because in this state you have to do that in order to vote. Yes I too thought it stupid but anyways....

2. I am not a Leftist

3. I am not a Democrat

4. I am not a Libertarian.

5. I would rather pound my balls flat than be a Republican. 

Yet the going logic seems to be, if you ain't Republican you are a Democrat or one of the others. I cannot speak for others but for me, I was non-political prior to the 2016 election; ironically enough, the last time I voted in the Presidential election was when Ross Perot was running...and yes I voted for him. I was young and naive. My point is the only other time I was even remotely aware of who was president was when I was a Private in the Army and Reagan gave everyone a pay raise.  

But that's it. However when Trump was running, I smelled grift but was still hands-off thinking it will care of itself...that nobody would be crazy enough to put that lump of cottage cheese in charge of the whole country. Boy was I wrong.  And the whole country paid for it ever since.

That was about when I learned a series of things that shook my faith in the whole political system:

* McConnell knew Trump was this bad and pushed his presidency anyways. I don't even care what he thought his ends were, there was never any excuse for it. To me this proves Republicans will sacrifice anything, including our lives, our liberties and our only government just to get what they want. If this were any movie, they would be the villains.

* Then I learned how McConnell cheated the country out of a balanced Supreme Court, first by cheating with Merrick Garland  (Come ON Mitch, nobody believed your bullshit then and if no one believed it then, even less do now considering his antics concerning the Supreme Court ever since. To me this means being a Republican means cheating the country and doing so without shame.

* I witnessed Republicans turning on their own simply because they would not lie to protect the party. If the only way your party can have legitimacy is to continually lie to your constituents, what value is your party or ideals?


* Then you have almost sarcastically-selected committee assignments: They gave science (NASA) over to George Santos' dumb and lying ass? Marjorie Taylor Greene (or whatever her new name is after screwing around on her husband; sure glad I don't have to trust that bitch...oh wait, thanks to fucking McCarthy I do, she of the Jewish Space Laser fame is in charge of watching our borders.


This is just a start but even as a start, it is bad enough to condemn the Republican party.....however there is something else at play here too. The Republicans have revealed how they plan to spend the next two years, investigating Biden and his family in retaliation for the Democrats busting Trumps ass not once but twice...and here is the real twist to this story:


Republicans think this will help them against the Democrats and it might, I have no clue how they might respond but what the R's simply don't get is that I am NOT a Democrat, never have been. Never would have leaned Republican because of their heinous policies and willingness to tell any lie to get what they want. 


What they don't get is that it doesn't matter a whit to folks like me if they prove Bidens are a family of murderers or whatever; I have no skin in that game and frankly could care less what happens to them. I seriously doubt they will be able to do much anyways, one thing I have observed is, Republicans are alot like The Joker in The Dark Knight: they are like dogs chasing cars and would have no idea what to do with it if they actually caught it. They wanted to kill the ACA for years claiming they had a better plan/idea whatever but every time they have to step up and show this marvelous "strategy" their mental cupboards are predictably barren. 

So go ahead, waste your time, money and opportunities to do something for the country on stupid Hunter Biden this and that, no matter what you show or claim to find, first the Republicans a like Jedi-level liars as proven by the recent election cycles so nothing they say can be trusted but also or maybe worse, it will be like the much ballyhooed Durham investigation, another nothing-burger.

At the end of the day though, it doesn't matter what Biden did or did not do; Trump still broke the law and tried top swindle his way to keeping the countries' top position. Not only does he and his lies need to go down, he needs to be barred from ever being near the levers of power again.

So do your polling, prognostication and pontificating; I am simply an Anti-Republican that YOU made. The AR that's not on anyone's radar. Someone you can't track. And someone who is onto your bullshit and it has nothing to do with political affiliation.