The last of the 18:1 project crop has been harvested!

The yield from the single trellised CB Diesel plant was amazing
This will be short but as this is a milestone, I felt I had to make an entry, no matter how beyond crap I feel. Basically going into yesterday I had four plants left in the tent to harvest, three normally-potted plants and one trellised plant. I smartly harvested the other three yesterday. When you have dementia, its all about resource management and that means managing how much of "you" that you use up. I know if I didn't do the three and one (today) I would not have made it and if I had tried to harvest even a single leaf more today that would have been it as well. 

The short answer is, the trellised plant out-produced anything we had envisioned, it just blew our minds today as we peeled of layer after layer of chunky frosty buds. Almost zero airbuds in all this which surprised me because I know I have not been as attentive as I could have been at making sure the limbs all got pinned to the trellis right. I just didn't have it in me but if someone who did have it in them kept up with it, their results will be amazing too. 

Two kind of interesting things that we noticed harvesting or more exactly snipping the plant from the trellis are that the plant produced limbs filled with good buds ("string of pearls" how each of these small spidery-thin branches looked) that were far too thin to support such weight under normal growing circumstances and these many of these limbs were also almost bizarrely long, some 3-4 feet if they were an inch, again heavily budded.  Just really, really long that under normal circumstances would have no place on a normal plant. Secondly, as I said I was not that attentive at keeping each little branch nailed to the chicken wire and yet we found more than one case where a branch had threaded itself back and forth thru the chicken wire on its own, again heavily budded.

The yield alone today and the sheer magnitude of excellent buddage is the final straw: the trellis technique is not only here to stay, I won't waste my scant time growing cannabis any other way. I don't have it in me to really finish investigating the technique, documenting the results and so on. I make the YouTube video yesterday preharvest of that plant to kinda document/sum what happened so far and why:

It took a good hour to 90 minutes just to get all of the plant snipped from the trellis, then another two hours of both of us trimming, even though we were just trimming for RSO (very fast).

As of this moment  what was a bloom tent at sun-rise is now a drying chamber; installed a second drying rack in there just for this plant alone. Filled four racks full of flower, every bit frosty, shut off the lights, turned on the fans and zipped the tent. Will stir a few times over the next few days but expect all flower (THC and CBD based) dry and ready for RSO action in a week..then its just a matter of finding the right day, making sure all materials are ready, that we/I am ready and then its 18:1 RSO GO TIME!

Tahoe Cure and White Widow chopped up for RSO
Right now I am so beyond burned out I can barely make words..I way used myself up getting this far. Now I am taking 24 hours to decompress...