My Corona Virus Pandemic Darwin Award Nominations

Summary: As bad as the corona virus pandemic is, there is a very real, very science-based potential bright side to surviving. In point of fact after the pandemic is done, there is every chance there will be drastically fewer Republicans, Fox viewers, hate-mongers in the guise of news reporters fouling this planet. Imagine what a country we will have then. Read on for exactly how this will happen...
There is a pandemic happening right now, COVID-19 or "the corona virus". Most people are doing their best to stay alive, not needlessly endanger others and simply survive this crisis by using their brains.

And then there are the rest of them out there that are pretending this is a hoax, going out and partying in large groups, ignoring quarantines and in some truly asinine cases intentionally try to get infected.

As expected the public and media react in horror to these cretins, wondering first what is wrong with them and secondly how soon they will get themselves and others killed.

However as with all good things in life, the early Internet is here to save the day, explain the unexplainable. In this case it is the annual Darwin Awards, an award given to the biggest idiot who got him or herself killed thru stupidity and thus helping the whole world by removing themselves from the global gene pool. The first year I found these the winner was some nut in a lawn chair with balloons tied to it. The nut floated his chair up and over LAX airspace. He is no longer fouling the human gene pool with his defective genealogy.

With this Corona virus, Darwin will have plenty of candidates, so many its hard to choose just one.  So on one hand, its sad and freaky to have so many candidates at one time. However look at the bright side: if even half of these awards are given out, the world will be a better, safer place. True, there is a large chance these cretins will get innocents killed, nothing can be done about that and the victims families have my deepest sympathy. The killers have my complete disgust as a human being, dementia or not, I am not so crazy as to think this is normal or correct behavior for supposedly intelligent adults.

My Darwin Award 2020 Candidates, Corona Virus Category:

Donald Trump, President of the US
Besides being an idiot, Trump refuses to take this seriously because he thinks this is a hoax cooked up to hurt his reelection.
Devin Nunes, Senator
Wants us all to go out to eat and party during this.
All Republicans, Politicians
While some are truly stupid, they all support Trumps poorly thought-out and frankly dangerous strategy, expecting us to believe the DUMBEST shit.
They seriously think when the Corona vaccine comes along it's a plot by the government to trick them into taking it against their will.
Fox News Channel
For weeks they were playing up the hoax angle as if it was an overreaction, or plot to make the Republicans look bad.
Fox News Viewers
These people believed and continue to believe every stupid conspiracy that comes out of Fox News even after being shown how full of crap they are.
Jerry Falwell (any) Professional Religious Nut
These guys are leading their followers to think this is a sign from God and prayer will save only them.
Die-hard Trump Supporters
These people to a one seem to have the same science-proof brains as their Dear Leader and are running around trying to prove the virus is a hoax
Whatever generation that is attending college right now.
Corona. Virus. Death. Quarantine. Spring Break. Which one of these doesn't belong?

This is my list so far but the pandemic is young and there is room for many. That said, if even half of these groups are removed from the gene pool, these idiot genes will be gone and future generations will benefit as a result.

I am not hoping anyone dies, only expecting them to based on their actions during this crisis. True crisis can bring out the true hero in anyone but it also seems to help the true idiots along as well. Their own stupidity and resistance to science and learning will be their undoing, I am just popping corn to watch.