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Insanity 2020: I hate Trump for making this necessary...

Preface and Caveat: while a political party is referred to in this document, it is only meant to identify a source of pain and misery, much as you must be specific with your doctor about a painfully abscessed boil. Though the state of Nevada forces you to register as one of the known political parties in order to vote, prior to 2016 I was neither Democrat, Republican or anything else. In point of fact I barely even had a concept of what those even were. This document is about the containment and excising of a source of pain to millions of Americans and many millions of people world-wide. Make this into anything else at your own risk. This is not, repeat not about politics, its about insanity vs insanity and a non-trivial segment of our population struggling to survive the freakshow.

My name is Jeff, and I am dying of Lewy Body Dementia, something I accept. I have maybe 12-18 months in the so-called "Mild Cognitive Impairment" phase. This is the phase all dementia patients go through that is measured from the point of diagnosis to the point the patient is "gone" as in there is nothing left that they can see. Houseplant status is the label at this point.

That's why I hate Donald Trump and the Republicans for forcing me to spend what time I have where I could be hanging out, being mellow and so on but now must waste valuable time on this. Unfortunately the Powers That Be are showing no signs of removing Donald Trump and ending his fraud of a presidency. I don't want my last perceptions of reality as being one where my country has earned the shame of the world. I never thought one man could wreck our country so fast. Yeah we can toss his bullshit laws when he is gone, that is a given...although it's going to suck for any contractors stupid enough to sign on with him. That's why he has such a hard on for getting full wall funding by the 2020 election...

It's like 9/11 All Over Again!

For those that recall the weeks and months following 9/11, ordinary folks were getting burnt out by the constant barrage of what seemed like life-or-death news, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Psychologists were warning it would lead to psychological issues, depression, lost work, etc. Folks that was like 2-3 months. For folks with dementia, the past three plus years have felt just like that, you can't escape it and you can't deal with the constant feeling of fight-or-flight mode. Normal folks may find this entertaining but for us, this is killing us and driving us to "potted plant mode" sooner rather than later Can we honestly handle even four more years of this? Will there even be anything left of us by then?

I am no lawmaker, I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or any other kind of "ist". I am a dementia patient and one thing I can tell you: Trump has dementia and for all of his bullshit there is one inescapable fact: one person with dementia can always pick the other ones out in a crowd and Donald Trump's dementia is so far beyond obvious (look up Lewy Body Dementia and compare to his public antics and sudden changes of mind/plan/whatever) I am not wasting digital ink on it here. The ones who know, know and will be charged with covering this up when its all I am addressing the 2020 election.

Since it looks like Trump will be trying to get re-elected then I feel it is time for a repeat of 2018, getting the dementia vote out there.

Why should you vote in the 2020 election if you have dementia?

* For one thing, anyone with dementia can recognize it in Trump and knowing dementia like we do, we know the worst-case scenario for the most powerful position in the country is to be occupied by someone just like ourselves. There are simply so many ways this can go wrong and you know it better than the so-called "normal" folks around us every day.

* For now, there is no law preventing the demented from casting votes; in fact they are harder on convicted felons than voters with enough brain damage to make their vote truly fantastical in origin.

* Think about it this way: as a dementia sufferer, you know damned well almost all responsibility and power have been removed from your hands, probably for life at this point. Seize this one final opportunity to exercise your power one last time and in doing so, you will make it the most important exercise of your rights as an American that you will ever experience. You personally will not get another shot like this and the upside is you still have it within your grasp to make this country whole again.

* As of 2018 in the United States there were 5.7 million confirmed cases of dementia. That is potentially 5.7 million votes no one will see coming.

* Is trusting someone with dementia to cast a vote in an election that could change the course of history, is this too crazy of an idea? No crazier than letting someone like us lead the country, so as long as the Republicans will do anything to keep someone with dementia in power, it is up to the rest of us with dementia to correct the situation.

* Regardless of the source of your dementia, would you rather not head off into that sunset, leaving the country in such a mess and knowing you could have done something about it before you left? This is your one and frankly only chance. Use it.

* When you can't trust the general populace to elect a sane leader, you are forced to depend on the politicians not to put someone dangerous there. If they fail that, you are forced to trust that they will correct the error and remove the malfunctioning leader. When the people in charge not only fail in their duty but go overboard covering up crimes and ensuring the insane and dangerous individual stays in power, well its left to us to correct it.

So get your crazy ass out there and vote. Doesn't matter who for, as long as it isn't for the source of your pain.

I am putting my vote with a true American hero, Sam the Rhesus Monkey! To Infinity and Beyond!

Update: It came to me that even with the will to do it, voting with dementia is hard what with being overwhelmed with all the candidates and claims of good deeds, so I made a little rule to follow, if the specifics get to be too much, its as simple as ABC, or in my case ABT, Anyone But Trump is the safest vote I can make. If that's too awkward, there is always ABR or Anyone But Republican, that would work too.....



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