The Inevitable Result of Denial-Lite

This is a commentary on denial. Not classic head-in-the-sand denial where any illness is denied; rather what I think of as denial-lite. Denial-lite is where one has no doubt of your illness but treats it as if it were a cold or flu. IOW When viewed thru the lens of their sun-glasses, your symptoms are always about 10% of what they actually are. Oh its not that bad! Oh I forget/burn/break/lose/destroy things ALL THE TIME! I don't know if its straight out failure to believe or if its a really misguided attempt at normalizing the patients' behavior so somehow *they* won't think its so bad. Hell I don't know the answer; I am crazy after all.

What you have to appreciate is how brain-damaged you seem to us when we are seriously experiencing fog or motor issues and we hear one of the above. Like if you thought about it for more than a minute or got better advice than whats available on freaking Oprah, you would probably rather ram your head into a brick wall that say anything so monumentally dumb to the single person who knows better.

I hacked together this cartoon to kind of illustrate the only place this strategy can end up....if anyone wants to debate the other side of this, please do because if there IS an answer to this I need to know it and know it soon.

Otherwise that cartoon will be about me....