Happy Labor Day from Living with Lewy Bodies!

Thin-slicing TriTip...never enough TriTip...
Happy Labor Day folks from all of us here at Living with Lewy Bodies. Fun times afoot, had someone record making my teriyaki sauce for Beth, that will get posted when I feel better (this morning part kinda sucked the life out of me).

Update: I could sit and watch that GIF of slicing the tritip all damned day long. Drool.

Also catching tasty flicks including (finally) Bleach live action movie...in English! Every source has been Japanese-only so been waiting a while to get this.

Finally, to make the whole day work better for me, got the twisty-pipe double-perc out with my King of Idiots 3 gram bowl, which I filled to the top with the really great Gorilla Glue #4 we picked up..

So I am having fun, and pretending I am not demented too much; what was yours like?