The Whistleblower: A Perspective From Someone Who Actually Worked With Them

The National Security Agency

I hate the Republicans and Trump for forcing me to write this. The current thing with the whistleblower and all the events following it, the Republicans are trying to have you believe something to the effect of: 

● The Whistleblower was partisan and had ulterior motives for reporting our biggest security problem, Donald J. Trump. 
● He or she had no first hand knowledge and therefore were not to be believed. ● They were listening in on the phone call in order to trap Trump 
● Trump is suddenly cutting the NSA staff out of fiscal concerns 

Now let me explain how this looks from my POV. First, there is a whole segment of the security structure dedicated to monitoring the phone lines of those people with any serious security clearance. People make mistakes and say things on an open line; others are out and out trying to disseminate classified information. Regardless of the reasons, they listen. They are not some secret cabal of spooks, they are workaday people like you and me, on shift work because there is so much to monitor. They like everyone else on this planet except his Cheetoh-ness has a manager or supervisor and these monitors are no different. 

I know they are there because one day/night I was working on the transfer of a communications center from one part of a secure building to another. Like many projects of this kind, it ran way into overtime and by the time I had been working there for about 36 hours I was seeing things but could not go home until finished. Thus when testing the newly-restored comm lines for a local circuit I picked up the open line instead of the secure one next to it and started to mutter something about checking a line when it got cut off. Sleep deprived, it took me like three tries and hangups to realize what was happening. Later I checked into it and learned more about them. 

So the bottom line to me is, instead of some shady person wiretapping Trump and his valuable salesman skills, the truth to me is more like, these unfortunate people on shift that day/night when Trump tried to strong-arm the Ukranian president, they noted his poor behavior, wrote up a report and forwarded it to their supervisor. Their supervisor, after noticing similar reports coming in across other shifts by different operators, decided to file a report with the IG. Simple as that and once you remove the security clearance aspect, this is a business situation you see play out thousands of times a day across corporate America. The Republicans just want you to think its some plot, which is clearly horse-shit to the most casual observer. 

Now take that into context when you suddenly see Trump killing their staff, so he and other criminals like him can operator with even more impunity than they enjoy this very day. 

At the end of the day no mystery, like everyone else they catch, Trump screwed up by accident or on purpose but make no mistake, Trump did it. His intent is for others to decide but his story about this and his subsequent attempts to gut the security services demanded some context and clarity. 

There you go.