My New Best Friend: The Daily High Club Steamroller

The Daily High Club steamroller

Greetings kids! I would like to introduce my new best friend: The Daily High Club Tommy Chong steamroller! I had recently gifted my old best friend to another best friend (it gets complicated) and so I was in need of a steam roller-shaped new best friend. And he/she/it arrived today!

Whats cool about it?

Well, its shape and general aerodynamic nature will make it an instant favorite of mind-engineers everywhere!
Sleek lines and everything. Something is going to fly tonight!

How is this cool for the disabled user?

The DHC streamroller is great for a couple of very practical reasons for the disabled smoker:

1. It is a very well-built product made to take a lifetime of shaky hands.
2. The curves in the glass itself provide a very easy and secure surface to grip.
3. Gives a lot of medication in a single shot. This is important to the disabled user that can't sit toking all day long to get their meds in them. File this under "Gettin' her done!" category.
4. As mentioned else-where this is easy to clean for unsure hands and less-than-nimble fingers.

For what its worth, the big paper in Big Bambu made a joint about this big..
Looks alone are not enough to impress me though; for something to reach the coveted "best friend" position, a pipe must provide a smooth smoking experience, "big-enough" hit-size for when you need to "swing for the fence" so to speak and finally it must be maint. friendly (easy to clean and easy to keep going bowl after bowl). This thing hits a homer on all fronts. I just love it and its a hoot to use:
LBD made this shot a cast-iron bitch

As another reference shot, here is this steamer next to my Key Fob vape:
The DHC steamer next to my key fob vaporizer and various other bits of gear

Editors note: I met Tommy Chong back in 2016 as my aphasia was getting bad and of course I could not utter a word...sigh.
Our Hero with Tommy Chong circa 2016

So I would like to state that if you prefer your steam-roller excellent and hits be bodacious, you can get one of these from that Daily High Club for 34 bones I think. In fact its time to use it now...



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