Question for Trump Supporters

Before I get into this post I must be upfront and admit that it is largely based upon a post I saw on Facebook written by an author whose name I do not know. I have added my own thoughts and views but the substantial portion of the post comes from the Facebook post.

To the Trump supporters out there I have a question. Faced with the following facts, how can we take your support of Mr Trump seriously?

When it was revealed that Trump University was nothing more than a scam, a way to part those wishing for a better future from their hard earned money and put it Trump’s and his cronies pockets, a scheme in which he ultimately had little involvement beyond the initial advertisement although he promised to be intimately involved- you said no harm no foul.

When proof came out that he routinely underpaid or just didn’t pay subcontractors, financially ruining many of them, simply because he didn’t want to- you said smart businessman.

When you learned that he had filed for bankruptcy on several occasions- you 
said So.

When you learned he had gotten his start through millions in loans and advances from his father and not from a single million dollar loan that he paid back with interest and then built an empire all on his own ingenuity, directly contradicting his long standing account of his career- you said I wish I could have done that.

When he falsely claimed to have witnessed hundreds of Muslims celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center- you said they probably were somewhere.

When he was caught on video and audio bragging about sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by the pussy and he could get away with it because he was famous- you said boys will be boys and it’s just locker room talk.

When he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters- you said yep, that’s right.

When he talked about an elderly guest passing out and cutting his head and dripping blood on the floor at Mar Lago causing Mr Trump to be nauseous and inconvenienced- you said who wouldn’t be?

When he clearly mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter- you said aw, that’s just the way he talks.

When he said he doesn’t read, it’s too involved- you said who does.

When he called for the death penalty for the Central Park 5 without any concrete evidence and continued to do so even after they were cleared through DNA evidence- you said they probably did something they deserved it for.

When he enticed you to harass and beat up protesters at his rallies and he would defend you in court- you said he’s one of us!

When he ordered you to remove and withhold a protester’s coat at a rally before throwing him out into the freezing cold- you said serves him right.

When you watched neo-nazis and white supremacists shouting racial slurs, wearing swasikas and killing Heather Hyer and all Mr Trump could say was there were good people on both sides- you said he’s entitled to his opinion.

When he insults our allies, tears up long established treaties just because he didn’t negotiate them, and denigrates institutions that have helped maintain world order for more than half a century- you say what a statesman.

When he removes career, experienced, nonpartisan government employees and replaces them with his inexperienced cronies or possibly worse, not replacing them at all- you said he’s draining the swamp.

When he places his billionaire friends in cabinet positions for which they are often grossly unqualified, I’m looking at you Betsy Devoss, overseeing departments and industries that they were financially involved in and wish to deregulate- you said smart man.

When he said the federal government couldn’t really help Puerto Rico because it was surrounded by water- you said so true, so so true.

When he said the category 4 hurricane approaching the East coast was going to be very wet- you said huh, I hadn’t thought of that.

When he said our allies did nothing but take advantage of us and he had “fallen in love” with the North Korean dictator and the Chinese leader was one of his best friends- you said awesome leadership although you thought it traitorous when Obama even mentioned opening discussions with North Korea or Cuba.

When immigrants showed up at the southern border seeking asylum and he falsely claimed they were illegally trying to enter the country then separated the children from the parents, loses 1500 children and sets up a detention camp for children in Texas- you said he’s speaking the truth.

When it’s proven that he lies and plays fast and free with the facts on a daily basis- you said fake news.

When he has repeated examples of low morals, poor character, continued examples of corruption, and outright animalistic rudeness and contempt for you, the American voter- you still place that red MAGA hat on your head and enthusiastically show up in throngs to his rallies in which he still believes he is running against Hillary Clinton. In case you guys hadn’t noticed, the only place she is president is every night on FOX News.

When he passes tax breaks that overwhelmingly favor his billionaire friends, tells them the next day, “I just made you a lot richer!”, places tariffs that cost you jobs and raises consumer prices all the while maintaining approximately the same job growth as the past several years and having wages remain stagnant- you say making America great again.

Thinking of you as anything but complicit, uninformedand uncaring may be wrong and unhelpful but...please listen and is charitable. Because if you are NOT all those things, we must turn to other much LESS flattering but plausible explanations.


  1. Sir you have touched upon one of the few mysteries the real-world has left to offer: how did someone so incompetent, so supremely unqualified to pump gas, let alone lead a nation, so cruel and so....I could go on but you get the idea.

    For me, the Trump-fan enigma is alot simpler (as are many things in my reality). It comes down to simple logic combined with Occams Razor:

    Occam's razor (or Ockham's razor) is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the one that requires the least speculation is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation.

    So fact A: Trump frequently states things as fact that are provably untrue.

    Possibility 1: He is a pathological liar. You can't claim he is just a simple liar because he doesn't only lie about one thing or set of subjects. Trump lies about everything and then lies about lying. He doesn't truly believe a word he says.

    Possibility 2: Trump truly believes what he says; in his mind, he is telling the honest truth. Kids, when you have a banker working for you, its called hyperbole. When you go to the teller to do banking, its called simply "being full of shit", not to be confused with being a bullshitter.

    Possibility 3: Trump is insane or experiencing the MCI stages of dementia, his laughable neuropsych not withstanding.

    Possibility 4: Trump actually has some grand scheme how all this is going to work out, and the lying is a justifiable. Anyone who has witnessed his actions in the past few years know, Trump has no plan, no strategy, nothing. Anything remotely plan-sounding is coming from The Penis Gallery er Peanut Gallery aka his cabinet. Trump has an opinion and thats about as much as you can say about that.

    So the obvious question is, which of these is the most-likely case?

    But the not-so-obvious question must be: does it matter WHY he does this? Regardless of reason, this person has no business trying to run a shoe-shine stand, let alone a country. If he is crazy, a pathological liar, generally full of shit (the easy bet), these are all not-good qualities in a president and I don't get why Trump fans don't see that.

    1. I believe he lies just to see how much he can cram down peoples throats and still get awY with it. It’s kind of a game to him. A power play if you will. If you saw last night’s 60 Minutes interview, several of his answers summed his philosophy up pretty well. When asked why he mocked Dr Ford his response was it didn’t matter because he won and that’s all that mattered. When Ms Stahl tried to change subjects and said she didn’t want to have that fight with him he said that didn’t matter either because he’s president and she’s not. Arrogance at it finest. A fine moral and ethical example to be leading our country.


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