A taste of aphasia for normal people...

Man that last post was tough and way deep/down for me. Thats not where I normally live mentally so to lighten things up, here is something for caregivers. Alot of what I write is an attempt to try to illustrate to the reader what different aspects of dementia feels like and if possible I try to relate it to something in everyday life.
Well I have the perfect way for normal people to experience the fun and sheer joy that is expressive aphasia. I don't care what kind you have, this example works, it just depends on your age.
If you are under the age of about 50, try singing the words to ZZ Tops seminal masterpiece La Grange, seen in about every action or comedy movie for two decades.
If you are under 60, try doing the same thing with La Bamba.
Or Mannfred Manns Blinded By The Light. No one knows WTF they are going on about there.
You know what i mean, 99% of the people don't have clue one to the lyrics to these extremely popular songs yet try to sing along anyways...and you know the kind of vowel-movement that results.....its worse if the music stops and suddenly everyone can hear the verbal vomit emitting from your lips. One of those special moments you can't take back.......ever.
To show what I mean I made a short clip from the funny Steven Banks Home Entertainment Center, makes my point in spades. Enjoy.

Yep thats like aphasia, you can feel on top of your game, feel all the right things you want to say and yet have little to no control of what rolls out....
BTW, this is one reason its better to learn the air-guitar than try to sing....I am was a mean air-guitar player in my day.