Pardon me whilst I regress...

Before I became occasionally demented myself I had seen and heard so much of how AD patients often regressed to a very child-like set of behaviors....I don't know what i thought caused it or why it was like that, I just wrote that off to another bit of dementia that (specifically my grandmother) freaked me out.
Now that I have it, I am understanding much more but definitely not enough. It is real though. I don't know that it makes a difference but where before I had considered the child-like actions all part of a single cause, now I am seeing how they are different things and in maybe half the cases, my behavior might seem childish when in fact I am simply confused and not really understanding how to react to things happening around me. When things are bad my speech becomes quite simplified, often limited to one or two syllable words. "Adult" stuff doesn't interest me because I can't figure out whats going on...child like stuff (cartoons, etc) I can understand. Enjoyment is questionable but some days its enough just to read/play/do something you understand.
Also I noticed, the perspective that you develop over adulthood can vanish making you see very childish. If I am ill and really hurting, my brain can NOT make sense of time so for me, it feels like I have been sick and in pain forever and it will never end. I know as an adult, no in time you will feel better Jeff but when you are being your own counselor and a broken nugget is all you have to work with, the situation is not only intolerable, its almost unbelievable.
There are alot of other areas like this I could outline but I hope some folks have got this and understand it...


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