The Embarrassment of LBD

One of the rather unsettling things about having LBD is getting the occasional notice that you owe a bill for something you don’t think you ever ordered. So, you get on your high horse and contact the offending party only to find that you most definitely did place the the order. You did so while you were surfing the web, looking at many varied things, when apparently your mind temporarily went to never-never land and you unknowingly ordered a whozit that you have absolutely no use for. So you eat some very tough crow, explain your situation, and hope you’re dealinlg with an understanding merchant. To date, I have been very lucky in that respect. No one has held me to my errant orders thankfully. The closest has been Apple when I apparently made an in-game purchase while playing an online civilization game. But with a little sweet talking they soon relented.

It has gotten to the point that I’ve had to remove all forms of “convenience” payments from my personal computing devices. I’ve made it as difficult as possible to complete a transaction so that I can’t just accept a purchase and move on. Except for one instance this has been successful. It seems I was determined on that occasion as I must have gone so far as to have obtained the appropriate information from my wallet to complete the transaction. Maybe I’m going to have to place my wallet out of harm’s way as well when I’m not going to be out and about where I would definitely need it.

But, in the grand scheme of things, of all the indignities that those with LBD face on a day to day basis, something such as this is but a minor inconvenience. A blip on the radar. Besides, the likelihood is I won’t remember it before long anyway.

As I finish this writing it occurs to me that to the reader this could appear depressing or sad. But that is not in any way my intention. I am simply trying to convey one of the many oddities of living with LBD. The little surprises that pop up each and every day that must be dealt with in some manner. Sometimes that means nothing more than recognizing the behavior exists and sometimes it means drastic life changes. But either way, it’s just part of life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take care.