Proof that Donald Trump brings the world together!

Donald Trump gets some well-deserved laughter at the UN.

Donald Trump, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,  is often accused of being divisive but I would like to point out just how wrong that is. In a single 30-second space of time he demonstrated just how very much we Americans have in common with our brothers and sisters in the body of world leaders collected at the UN recently.

How? Simple: trying to brag about his great accomplishments elicited laughter and derision from the UN body as a whole...I saw that and was astounded because I thought thinking Americans were the only ones that did that every time he claimed to do something. We laugh like hell at Trump trying to pass off his amateurish attempts at governance AS effective governance. His act would have been a hit on the Gong Show of my youth...

In an effort to distort reality, I noted he went online and immediately tried to cover it up as a "joke" but ...

GENIUS, when you pass off your accomplishments for a superpower as a joke, that is what they are: a joke. But, there you go thinking again....

So to any foreign readers of this, we feel your pain and feel your laughter every damned day. November and the beginning of the end for this charlatan will not get here soon enough. See? We have that in common too!