Zombie Dementia Therapy

Hey kids, Jeff here on a crappy day and so I needed a unique form of therapy I call Zombie Dementia Therapy, or ZDT for you acronym fans.

What is Zombie Dementia Therapy?

ZDT is a loose simulation of a zombie apocalypse, in this case in a tropical resort island. This would be no good as-is but to take out the stress factor there is a mode here called "One Punch" where any hand or foot strikes are basically nuclear, one-shot kills. IOW nothing can touch you baby. This is where a big part of the therapy comes in: you are on a pleasant island, palm trees swaying in the wind, sound of the ocean crashing against the beach. Occasional sounds of island music in the distance.

And about a thousand zombies.

Zombies you take your stress out on; it really works.....

10 minutes of this and I am ready to be pleasant again.

All hail ZDT. Made a video demonstrating: