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Trump has reached the low I never thought he could.

McConnell's Folly

Graham the Hipocrite

"72 Revisited

Dementia giveth and dementia taketh away...

What lies between the death of the personality and the death of the body? I am about to find out...

For Trump, the end started at the beginning.

Now that son of a bitching, draft-dodging, cheating, lying bastard of a human, Donald Trump wants to get rid of Stars and Stripes.

Political Talk Shows and their Hypocrisy

Rant Therapy: Some things from an average American that needs to be said.

Thanks To The Trellis, The Flat Cannabis Plant

Regrets? IMHO, only the very best.

Republicans fear a purge come January which sounds bad but what other choice is there?

In case anyone sees this, from this day forward I am the person that I was no more...