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The Republican Party Has Finally Done Something I Thought Impossible: They Turned Me Into One Of Them.

Hempy System Upgrade for Disabled Folks Like Me

The Solo Cup Challenge

I have been sick to death of the bullshit for a long time but never feared I might actually die from it.

With regards to our Commander in Chief, I think it time to make Trump aware of how much fun a Court Martial could be..

The curtain has lowered, the lights come up and the Exits are clearly marked...

Without Adult Leadership, This Country Has a Long Six Months Ahead...

The Nightmare I the only veteran that is worried?

Winding things up...down....whatever.

Coronavirus by the Numbers. (Or, “Sure, there’s no difference in the Coronavirus and the seasonal flu”.

Donald Trump Has Finally Taken a Real Dementia Test. Results: FAIL!

The Mayor of Las Vegas is Useless to the People of Las Vegas

The Supreme Court is now an arm of the Republican Party. Thought this wasn't supposed to happen in America..

Thomas B. Modly is antithetical to the concept of esprit de corp drilled into every service person

As long as our dear leader is a moron, I say let the morons that follow him can all eliminate their social distancing.

The end of operation: constant clarity, so far seems to be a success.