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Proof that Donald Trump brings the world together!

Donald Trump gets some well-deserved laughter at the UN.

Donald Trump, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,  is often accused of being divisive but I would like to point out just how wrong that is. In a single 30-second space of time he demonstrated just how very much we Americans have in common with our brothers and sisters in the body of world leaders collected at the UN recently.

How? Simple: trying to brag about his great accomplishments elicited laughter and derision from the UN body as a whole...I saw that and was astounded because I thought thinking Americans were the only ones that did that every time he claimed to do something. We laugh like hell at Trump trying to pass off his amateurish attempts at governance AS effective governance. His act would have been a hit on the Gong Show of my youth...

In an effort to distort reality, I noted he went online and immediately tried to cover it up as a "joke" but ...

GENIUS, when you pass off your accomplishments for…

Cannabis and Pain

There is a lot of misinformation out there about cannabis and pain relief. To read some of these stories, one needs only to smoke a joint or eat an edible for pain relief. This is so misleading. Assume you had never had any cannabis before, knew nothing of it; if you read that in the news you could be forgiven for thinking then that any form of any strain of cannabis will do the trick...which is of course horse-shit of the highest order. Speaking to you from experience from both sides of the aisle (cannabis vs prescription narcotics under a doctors care), for cannabis to work, first you need a strain suited to what your personal needs are; this is no different than the doctor giving you a prescription for Med A and the next person Med B.

Next you really need to concentrate cannabis for it to be anything remotely like real medicine. There are many ways of doing this, from the simple to the complex, and from the cheap to hideously expensive. See my hash making article for one such meth…

A Public Service Announcement for every demented person in America

Greetings kids; I am here to get your attention on something that should be important to us all. There is currently a level of chaos, confusion and disfunction going on in this country that is driving normal people nuts. If it is bad for normal people, it is pretty much a definition of hell for folks with dementia; just ask any of us.

To make things even worse, not only is this chaos invading every aspect of our daily lives but it is easy to fall into the trap that we are powerless to do anything to change our circumstances. That feeling of powerlessness is something that pervades your very soul.

Well I am here to tell you that while we are each individuals, there are an estimated 25 million people in the US with some form of dementia and as a group we actually CAN do something. November is just over a month away and what happens this November will dictate how well or poorly this country will do for years to come. Each of us can look into our own souls for guidance but this is a bit …

The Embarrassment of LBD

One of the rather unsettling things about having LBD is getting the occasional notice that you owe a bill for something you don’t think you ever ordered. So, you get on your high horse and contact the offending party only to find that you most definitely did place the the order. You did so while you were surfing the web, looking at many varied things, when apparently your mind temporarily went to never-never land and you unknowingly ordered a whozit that you have absolutely no use for. So you eat some very tough crow, explain your situation, and hope you’re dealinlg with an understanding merchant. To date, I have been very lucky in that respect. No one has held me to my errant orders thankfully. The closest has been Apple when I apparently made an in-game purchase while playing an online civilization game. But with a little sweet talking they soon relented.

It has gotten to the point that I’ve had to remove all forms of “convenience” payments from my personal computing devices. I’ve ma…

Science discovers what I already knew: CBD works better with other cannabinoids!

As a puzzle-solver I can promise you, there are few finer things in life that finally see proof of something you figured out on your own.  In this case, I had discovered empirically that for certain kinds of pain and/or neurological disorders, straint THC didn't work, straight CBD (as in from hemp, not  a normal cannabis plant; this is a lions share of what you will see on the Internet) didn't work but a very specific range works wonders. Specifically using it to treat sciatica, a preparation of 60-70% CBD and 2-4% THC works absolute wonders. Stray a single percent outside the THC range and/or 5% outside the CBD window and bang, you are right back to where you were before you took anything.

Lots of pain and lots of experimentation on my part over a year ago turned up that information, and after a year of continued use, the results remain the same when the meds are in that zone.

So this works but trying to explain this to anybody is an exercise in failure...then today in the n…

What is it like to have Lewy Body Dementia?

Bad news first: when you get diagnosed for Lewy Body Dementia is way AFTER you "get it". Therefore there is a definite before and after thing, and what makes before and after important is the thing about LBD that allows a demented person to write something like this.

As I have written elsewhere, the cognitive side of LBD is like having a dial wired to your brains cognitive abilities....and periodically throughout the day someone comes by and gives the dial a twist. What that means is I can cognitively go from Jeff the software engineer to Jeff the idiot almost in mid-sentence sometimes and stay there for hours.

Thus the stuff you see written here is being written in an up cycle. I do have expressive aphasia which means translating whats in my head to the written page is a challenge on the best of days. I also have memory thats faulty AF and for all I know, I might be mis-remembering a little, a lot or maybe everything.

Before you are diagnosed, usually long before even real…

A nice hack for transplanting seedlings

Hey kids, here to address a drawback of the To Go Cup things I use for transplants. Once something is in them its no problem and all transplants from there-on are guaranteed safe and easy. In full transparency though, sometimes transplanting stuff into them initially can be awkward at best and sometimes deadly to the plant if you don't have good control over your limbs. I am here today to fix all that. This is not a new problem, just something I lived with up to this point because I could always get past it using three or four of my best curse words and a lot of luck. It always bothered me that the same system that made everything else so simple was so damned hard in the beginning.

If you have been following along, I have 6 now nicely-rooted clones in my little mini-DWC rig and its time for them to take the next steps of growing up. In this house, that means transplanting them to my To Go cup things filled with hydroton or other medium and start them vegging.

One thing with the T…

An Open Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator McConnell,

I first started following your career with some degree of admiration while a young dental student at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and you were the County Judge/Executive for Jefferson County in the early to mid 1980’s. It mattered not that I was a registered Democrat and you were a Republican for I have never voted party lines. I always vote the issues and for the candidate whom I feel can best wrest with those issues. I watched in awe as you ran your 1st senatorial campaign, the “Where’s Dee” ads were a stroke of genius that absolutely put a very closely contested race over the top. Although in retrospect, this ad was based upon a falsehood. Statistically, Huddleston was present for ~94% of the senate floor votes during his tenure. Actually, a much better than average voting record among his colleagues at the time.

As you began your senatorial career I was impressed with the ease with which you seemed to pick up the nuances of the senate and it’…

What its like to have LBD: Things hide in plain sight.

This is a little example of what having LBD is like. I can get into medical theory as to why this is, but one result of the dementia really stepping on your executive function is at once both so very minor at first glance and at the same time debilitating as hell.

To put it simply, executive function is the term for being able to perform basic functions of life (using the bathroom, self-care, walking, etc). When the frontal cortex is hit with Lewy Bodies or protein deposits, that reduces your brains ability to function in this way. What that means in very simplistic terms is that we have problems multitasking or doing more than one thing at once. That doesn't sound like the worst thing but allow me to point out two inherent gotchas with this that many don't realize:

1. Loss of executive function applies to any process your brain tries to do, not just discreet physical acts. This means that basic human senses like sight, sound, touch, etc can be suppressed or disabled altogeth…

Cloning for Fun and Profit

Hey kids, Jeff here with a quick 101 on cloning your medicine. Why would you want to clone? Lots of reasons really:

You want a nearly-perfect replica of a specific plant. For any given strain, there are a handful of "phenotypes" that can spring from seeds. Not all will grow exactly the same and even if you make seeds from two typically short plants, what comes out of those seeds may really surprise the shit out of you. For the most part it will stick close to the phenotypes ("way or appearance of growing") but there will be outliers that will grow in all manner of crazy ways. All of this is not a problem with outside grows but inside you want/need the densest plants at the shortest size you can get, so they can be safely managed indoors. Seeds will not give you that but cloning can. Cloning produces a near-perfect copy of the source or donor plant. Some variation is not unheard of but for the most part, you can count on these being similar alot more than you can wi…