Science discovers what I already knew: CBD works better with other cannabinoids!

As a puzzle-solver I can promise you, there are few finer things in life that finally see proof of something you figured out on your own.  In this case, I had discovered empirically that for certain kinds of pain and/or neurological disorders, straint THC didn't work, straight CBD (as in from hemp, not  a normal cannabis plant; this is a lions share of what you will see on the Internet) didn't work but a very specific range works wonders. Specifically using it to treat sciatica, a preparation of 60-70% CBD and 2-4% THC works absolute wonders. Stray a single percent outside the THC range and/or 5% outside the CBD window and bang, you are right back to where you were before you took anything.

Lots of pain and lots of experimentation on my part over a year ago turned up that information, and after a year of continued use, the results remain the same when the meds are in that zone.

So this works but trying to explain this to anybody is an exercise in failure...then today in the news I found a story where science has discovered the same thing....

Hopefully this will get people thinking in the right direction.....



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