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Because I can....

Simply because I can. I can post anything I want here and sometimes the truth just hurts normals to hear it. Well, there ain't nothin but Lunar Ticks here baby, so let the demented times roll!

The Black Mamba: A Dry Herb Vape For The Rest Of Us

Greetings kids! Jeff here with another quickie review on yet another dry herb vaporizer called The Black Mamba. No idea who makes it but that doesn't matter. Why would you want another dry herb vaporizer? Any why The Black Mamba, if you already have something slick like the DaVinci Ascent or the Pax or whatever? Simple: The Black Mamba does everything you really need in a dry herb vaporizer and nothing else. It is rugged, seemingly reliable, gives good reliable hits, has 5-6 temperature settings and best of all: The Black Mamba retails for a measly 25 bucks. You read that right.

So even if you have an Ascent or other high-end vape, I would suggest putting that on the shelf for special occasions and use the modestly-priced Black Mamba for day to day use. Has that ruggedized rubber all over the outside and the glass tube in the mouthpiece is protected by the heavy mouthpiece itself. I bet you could drop this out the window of a moving car and there is a good chance it will just fir…

Quick RSO 101: Easiest way to concentrate your own meds

Greetings, Jeff here with a message about Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. One of the things I can tell you for nothing is that when using cannabis for anything serious medical, you need to concentrate it. You can smoke the flower all day long, every waking minute and the best you can hope for is simply not minding the symptoms as much. I know some purists will be breathing hard about now but thats the truth.

So what you must do is to concentrate or extract the active components of the cannabis. This is precisely what is done to make hashish, wax or other kinds of extracts and finally RSO.

What is RSO?
I will let the original guy tell his own tale but in short, Rick Simpson was an engineer of some sort in Canada some years ago who developed cancer after working with asbestos. Well, duh. Anyhow short answer is he was given just a short time to live and no help on the horizon when he discovered cannabis. Rick then figured out the best way for a cancer patient to ingest these meds is through e…


Of late, my mind has been inundated with analogies for the process demented minds (at least the DBL mind) take on a journey from the genesis of an idea to its completion. Why these insights have befallen me...I have no idea, but as they have, I’m taking the opportunity to subject you, the unsuspecting reader, to my ramblings. With no further adieu, and listed in no particular order nor in toto, here we go.
§      My 1st epiphany came to me while watching spring football practice. In my analogy, the football is the idea, the running back is my mind trying to carry out an idea, and the awaiting defense is anything keeping me from taking that idea to fruition. As I see it going, the idea is conceived and put out for consideration (the football is hiked) and handed off to the running back (my mind on the way to completion of the idea). The running back, initially, is off and running, slipping through the line , untouched, and suddenly he can see the goal line with a seemingly clear path. W…

Just when you thought you were off the hook for responsibilities....

Caveat Viewer: I apologise as the picture would seem to have nothing to do with the article below. I used it because I could not find *any* picture that really starts this conversation...moreover, the conversation is potentially a downer and the picture is absolutely not that. The White Widow and Black Diesel were recent crops from my garden and I discovered where the WW has lots of taste and zing, it also was a tad harsh...and the BD is heavier in CBD and way smoother, had a better cure by far but made little taste-statement of its own. Used the Grindarolla to do up 6 blended J's for the day. Very nice, very smooth, very medicinal and has shit-all to do with the story. I return you to your expected televised programme...this is a message and maybe a hint to other to the end. Greetings, Jeff here to try and start a conversation about something important to every single one of us....even if we are not aware yet. As the patient, your brain is broken and as-such, the…

Vape-Fob: A Sweet Dry Herb Vaporizer for the Disabled: A Review

Hey Kids I wanted to share something cool I just got in the mail: The Vape-Fob Dry Herb Vaporizer.

What is it? Well the DaVinci Ascent line is one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers out there and it seems like a person or persons unknown engineered an Ascent 3 into an over-sized key-fob, the type folks use to remotely lock or unlock the car doors or pop the trunk. It even comes ready to pop onto your keychain.

However pop the magnetic cover over on the charging end revealing the oven. Drop in some of your fresh ground herb and close the hatch. When you are ready to use it, just power it up with the "pop trunk" button, then select one of 6 temperature settings from 360 to 420 degrees. I like about 390 with my Black Diesel.

The temperature is turned up and down with the "lock" and "unlock" buttons. I put these in quotes because they are actually icons on the key fob. See the video for a better look.

30 seconds later its ready. You then just extend the…