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Quick RSO 101: Easiest way to concentrate your own meds

Home made Rick Simpson Oil

Greetings, Jeff here with a message about Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO. One of the things I can tell you for nothing is that when using cannabis for anything serious medical, you need to concentrate it. You can smoke the flower all day long, every waking minute and the best you can hope for is simply not minding the symptoms as much. I know some purists will be breathing hard about now but thats the truth.

So what you must do is to concentrate or extract the active components of the cannabis. This is precisely what is done to make hashish, wax or other kinds of extracts and finally RSO.

What is RSO?

I will let the original guy tell his own tale but in short, Rick Simpson was an engineer of some sort in Canada some years ago who developed cancer after working with asbestos. Well, duh. Anyhow short answer is he was given just a short time to live and no help on the horizon when he discovered cannabis. Rick then figured out the best way for a cancer patient to ingest these meds is through eating for a variety of reasons, all good ones. Read his site for details. It cured his cancer and the rest as they say is history. However one big take-away with RSO is that its creation is one of the simplest, safest and quickest methods of concentrating your cannabis into a strong, edible form available. I have personally made bubble hash, Butane Honey Oil (BHO), QWISO and more and this is the best for the disabled because most of the rest require skills out of our reach. RSO anyone can safely make.

One other reason I like RSO is its easy to make a quick small batch, something hard with bubble hash, BHO, etc. You will need the following to make your RSO:

1 small cheap rice cooker

2 3 or 5 gallon buckets

1 filter; you can use coffee filters but I had a spare bubble has bag laying around I use for the purpose because it fits the buckets and is pretty strong.

99% pure alcohol; how much depends on how much flower you have to start with. The batch in this story only used 3 16 fluid ounce bottles, 2 for the first wash and one for the second.

Cannabis that has been completely dried. You can use any amount over an ounce; there might have been 2-3 ounces used here, more likely 2.

12 or so 1-gram glass syringes, best way to store this stuff. See photo above for examples.

Large wooden spoon.

How to make:

1. Put all of your flower into one bucket, then pour in enough alcohol to cover it.
2. Using the wooden spoon, beat and agitate the alcohol/cannabis mixture. Do this 3-5 minutes.
Agitating the alcohol/cannabis mixture

3. Strain the pot/alcohol mixture through the filter into a second bucket or very large bowl.
Filtering into the second bucket

4. Return the cannabis flower to the original bucket and cover with fresh alcohol.
5. Agitate another 2-3 minutes.
6. Drain thru the filter again into the second bucket. Discard the plant matter; the alcohol now contains the active ingredients of the cannabis.
7. Put your rice cooker outside or in an extremely well-ventilated place.
8. Fill the rice cooker with the alcohol mixture and set it to cook.
9. As the cooker cooks the mixture down, keep refilling it from the bucket until it is all in the rice cooker.

10 This will boil for a few hours depending on how much you are making but when the mixture has cooked off the alcohol, what is left is a dark, thick, sticky substance. This is RSO.

11. Turn off the rice cooker and let things cool for maybe 5 minutes.
12. One by one, fill each syringe from the mixture, tip the syringe plunger-side down and carefully expel any air.
13. Wipe off the outside of the syringe, cap it and store in a cool dark place.

Repeat steps 12 and 13 until done. If you get part way through and it gets hard to work with, briefly reheat the rice cooker until it starts to bubble, then turn off and continue your work. See the story title image for example of finished product.

Consuming RSO:

RSO can be ingested by smoking or eating. The eating part becomes possible with the boiling down the of the alcohol. Basically once cannabis is held at 230 or better for an hour or so will convert THCA (which does little for you) into THC (which does alot for you) through a process called "decarboxylation." See Leafly for details...

Normally this heating process happens when you light up a joint; the act of burning triggers the decarb process and you get high. Since you are not (necessarily) burning this, the substance is heated for almost two hours and that allows it to be effective when eaten.

Warning: RSO is nasty shit to stick in your mouth. Some folks may like it, to me it tastes like ass and not in a good way either. So what we do is snag these empty gel cap pills from Amazon:

To actually use, I heat up a tall shot glass of water in the microwave for ten seconds then set the RSO syringe into the glass plunger side up. While thats warming I take out two gelcaps and get them open.

By then the RSO is warm and oozy so I just squirt a half dose into each pill before closing them and swallowing with coffee, no taste..

As it is taken this way, expect effects only after 90 minutes to 2 hours. Effects can last 6-8 hours making it a great night-time med for ensuring uninterrupted sleep at night. I take a smaller dose in the morning which lasts me all day then a fuller one at night times for a damned-near perfect night sleep.

I whole heartedly suggest you learn how to make this stuff, it is really great and simple and relatively cheap to make....



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