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The Arizer Extreme Q Dry Herb Vaporizer: 30 Days Later...

  It has been a full month of use on this new dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q. For anyone really but for the disabled person in particular this device is beyond wonderful for the price.  I have used this thing pretty hard, putting it thru its paces. So far these are the main points I want people to know: * The product is very much worth the cost. The Q can be found for as little as 110 bones but even if you only look a little you will find it for around 130, still a solid, solid value for that price. I paid more than twice as much for the DaVinci hand vape that links bluetooth with your smartphone, the really fancy bastard. The DaVinci doesn't hold a candle to the Arizer Q.  * This hasn't replaced my flower smoking, although it could if I had to. This is the first vape device I have found to consistently turn out fantastic hits time after time.  * For those living in places not so enlighted WRT cannabis laws, this gives you the stealth you need with the power you need.

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