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Smart Lighting for Home Cannabis Growers

A quick explainer; the elevator pitch.     Preface: Greetings, Jeff here. The LBD is taking its toll and the clear moments each day are coming fewer and fewer....which means writing anything at all really takes enormous effort, time and dedication, all things I have in short supply. Personally I thought I was done with this site; nothing wrong with it, it is simply taking more work and mental energy than I have to spend. And yet, something came along that I felt worth the time and effort to share with other cannabis growers and so I will do my best effort to outline it here. Final confession. Even doing this right is beyond me it seems so I will post here the various notes, videos, diagrams and pictures I had taken to support a much more detailed article. Just know two things: 1 I am sorry, truly sorry and 2. I did my very best.  With that warning, here we go.   Objective: I am presenting a simple modification to existing lighting systems that you may already have in your arsenal that

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