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The Republican Party Has Finally Done Something I Thought Impossible: They Turned Me Into One Of Them.

I think that the Republican Party has become the Grim Reapers but not like I think they hoped it would turn out...
Why is this so fucking hard to understand???I know my math skills have not been that great since the dementia set in, can't help working with broken tools.  I know I am always the last one to figure stuff out. And I don't even have a kid at home anymore...yet I get it: sending the kids to school right now is a form of selective, elective suicide. What gets me is why folks with parents living at home, with kids of school age, why these people don't get it. Ask a teacher: want to catch a nasty dose of whatever bug is making the rounds of happily asymptomatic school kids? Just hang around a class of them for a while. You get the bug for sure but it always feels like it is 10x stronger or worse than "last time." We have all felt it, we have all recognized we caught it from kids, so we all pretty much have half the facts we need not to be stupid.
Then if yo…

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