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CBN: The Cannabinoid that you need to learn about

  Greetings Kids! Jeff here with a pretty short but heart-felt endorsement. Regular readers will know how hard these later columns are getting for me to write, so understand the importance I put on getting this information out to other patients. Now I will pass on the best information that I have but if you have pointed questions, ask someone in authority like the folks at Future Compounds. I am here as a consumer. I use CBN to augment my normal LBD and Parkinsons regimen. CBN can do alot for you but for this article I will focus on one need that many of us have, regardless of malady: lack of appetite. Don't eat and you don't live. When your appetite is in the shitter, its easy to just eat some of "whatever" just to say you ate something, even eating the bare minimum. Enter: CBN. What is CBN?  CBN is another of the cannabinoids available not just from cannabis but from hemp as well. However unlike every other CBD-related thing I have tried, CBN is the only compound po

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