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jeffs final twitter feed...

  Hey Kids, the last column was in fact the last column but this one is intended to be more of a journal of my last times in this reality, a kind of final Twitter feed if you will. Maybe someday someone might be interested in whats going thru the mind being eaten by dementia. The posts will be Twitter sized to begin with but right now Twitter itself is beyond my reach. Thus this "feed". I will do my best as long as I can.... peace out everybody.... ******************************** 24 December 2021: Christmas Eve. We dont do holidays, something for my benefit. They are way too much to deal with if you have dementia. You need those skills to choose the right gift, do it in time, do it under cover, manage the financial end, etc etc. So we just chill now, something I will be forever grateful for. However that doesn't mean we do nothing. As medical growers we have access to and keep the very best colas throughout a year. In this case though, it all came from the last crop, Wed

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