Grow Pics...

These are just some pics of different grows I have done. Just for fun...


Some pics of an outdoor plant finishing, it just looks beautiful in the sunlight.
Check out the purple leaves on my Black Diesel buds growing outside. This is the results of many days of freezing and at least two with snow, all during the bloom period...

Probable GG#4/Tahoe Cure cross. Survivor of the Desert Challenge.

The buds on this one look good enough to eat.

Possible GG#4/Tahoe Cure cross finishing outside. It survived the summer heat, months at 110+ degrees
My first home-made aero-cloner..
I made the aeroponics rig out of a 5-gallon bucket, a cheap pond pump, bit of scap garden hose and then the simplest sprinkler/mister heads I could make. Used standard netpots with the bottoms cut out and used those black foam inserts you can get for this kind of work. 

Three different grow methods (aeroponics, soil-ponics via Octopots and my own invention), two kinds of light, and all kinds of fun.
Bit of explanation:  I have always been an experimenter and inventor of sorts so the setup in the middle could use some explanation. There are four 5-gallon buckets; the one nearest on the left serves as a kind of reservoir but here is the trick: there is a pond pump inside that is constantly pushing nutrients up and out to the other three buckets via 1/4 inch irrigation hose. Now, inside these three buckets sits a baby crib riser, and sitting on top of that I had plants growing in 2-gallon plastic "grow bags" filled with either soil, soilmix (coco coir and perlite). Of course a seedling in each of the other three. In this case I noticed the one in back-left is missing (just has a cover) so probably that one got moved to a new home in the bloom tent. Anyhow to bring this home, the bottoms of each bucket has a simple 3/4 inch garden hose connector. I fashioned  four 3-foot mini-garden hoses and wired them all together with a four-way splitter. This simple setup is probably the single most amazing method I have found for growing cannabis. Everything I stuck in it grew fantastically strong and rich. Everything, every strain. The big bang I guess is nutrients are constantly flowing through the system: The pump in the main rez pushes nutrients up and out to 3 other buckets with grow-bags and a seedling in each. The nutrients are constantly washing over the entire root system of the plant, eventually draining out the bottom to the bottom of the bucket, where it flows back up the hose to the reservoir where it is filtered to run again.

Its a jungle in bloom sometimes


Some nice (probably) Exorcist, best strain ever.

Things are looking frosty....

Nice Exorcist cola..


Black Diesel, 2 wks to harvest, bottom-branch bud. Lowest branch on the plant.

Black Diesel, 2 wks to harvest, mid-plant bud..

Black Diesel from O:BD


Operation: Black Diesel

Black Diesel Flower