The Alt-Comms Challenge

As most of you may know, aphasia is a common symptom of brain damage such as what degenerative brain diseases can do. What many don't appreciate is you actually have and use many different channels for input and output so if your aphasia affects speech, I would starting looking down alternative channels for IO (input/output in 1000-year-old programmer-ese). This may sound ineffective or way harder than normal speech but consider for the patient its likely this or nothing at all.

Challenge yourself and your patient (or caregiver) to explore other mediums to see how far or well you go. Here is a f'instance to get you started. If spoken and/or written word is too hard, try holding a conversation using only imagery; Google Images is your friend here but the point is to see if you can express yourself using a more conceptual or figurative channel for communication than the literal, spoken one. Its a challenge but thats why I called it a challenge in the first place...but it should get you not only thinking but testing and experimenting outside the box....