The Arizer Extreme Q Dry Herb Vaporizer: 30 Days Later...


It has been a full month of use on this new dry herb vaporizer, the Arizer Extreme Q. For anyone really but for the disabled person in particular this device is beyond wonderful for the price. 

I have used this thing pretty hard, putting it thru its paces. So far these are the main points I want people to know:

* The product is very much worth the cost. The Q can be found for as little as 110 bones but even if you only look a little you will find it for around 130, still a solid, solid value for that price. I paid more than twice as much for the DaVinci hand vape that links bluetooth with your smartphone, the really fancy bastard. The DaVinci doesn't hold a candle to the Arizer Q. 

* This hasn't replaced my flower smoking, although it could if I had to. This is the first vape device I have found to consistently turn out fantastic hits time after time. 

* For those living in places not so enlighted WRT cannabis laws, this gives you the stealth you need with the power you need.

* I feel its a pretty solidly designed piece. I state that on the previous months of experiments, pushing it to its limits and to find after all that abuse, it still turns out as many powerful hits as I want or need everyday. I know I am hard on things and particularly on things I like and so use the hell out of so the fact that the Arizer is still working like new is a major plus for this product. My hat is off to the engineers.

* Maintenance is very easy and the consumables won't kill you. The only things that you can or will go through are:

-- small wire screen-filters, goes in the angled glass piece for using the bag. If you use the whip, ignore this.

-- Angled glass joints. This connects the bag to the "Cyclone" bowl which holds the herb.

-- Glass joints for the bag. These are short glass tubes to which I zip-tie oven bags for cooking turkey. Makes perfect bag for vaping.

The oven bags can be anything, the size is usually a personal preference...

-- "Cyclone bowls" these are the main glass part that sits on the heating element and does the actual vaping....

Now this replacement is clear, I would find a way to cover the end so you don't burn your fingers if you try to remove this from the Arizer...

Thats really about it, and of all the parts only the wire screens do you really go thru. Even the bags last a good long while. 


Going outside the box thanks to the Arizer...

One of the things that the Arizer does is allow you to fill a bag with vapor at the machines pace and once disconnected you can hit the bag as fast and hard as you like. No reason to hit weird to use controlled breathing or none of the normal bullshit you need to remember when hitting normal vapes. However if you wanted to take it to one level higher, here is a little secret: the same adapter that fits between the bag and the cyclone bowl, this thing also fits my Mobius exactly. Thus I filled a bag to the rim, attached it to my Mobius and proceeded to huff down two bags of the smoothest stuff I have ever had and because it was so smooth, way over-hit. All that is to mean I was walking like an Egyptian.

However another fun use of this is infusion. In this case, the Arizer comes with two cyclone bowls and if you get an extra angled joint, you can do what I did today: daisy-chained two bowls together, where one bowl is pushing vapor thru the second bowl on the way to the bag, thus infusing it. Today I set up the second bowl with my Tahoe Cure and then vaped enough vapor for four full bags thru the Tahoe Cure. The resulting pot looked no different, felt no different than before the but vapor produced was THICK baby and I was forced to stop before the end of the first bag of the infused pot vapor.

As an old drinking buddy used to say, good shit Maynard...


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