Preview of a Final Project: 18:1 RSO

I honestly thought I was done with this project stuff but the idea for one came after discussions with my grow mentor, an idea I think is too important not to at least attempt. The 18:1 high CBD/low THC mix I use is a magic key but I gotta keep doing it or worse, remember to keep doing it when things are bad. Hey, having it is way better than not, make no mistake. I just wished the effects lasted longer and were more even...then an friend who knows of my love of RSO suggested making a high-CBD version to try. So I decided to try one last project, a simple one really, to create an 18:1 RSO. Of course I won't have labs to test with but I am starting with a special strain called CB Diesel, carries a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio:

CB Diesel by Crop King

CB Diesel stats look amazing

Now the actual ratio here might be slightly higher than 20:1 but if so, I can offset that problem by introducing some more pure play indica power like the venerable White Widow:

White Widow fem. from Crop King
White Widow stats

As for the project itself, I simply need to grow two of each strain, turn each into RSO (all things I have demonstrated elsewhere on this site) and then do some experimentation. So there is nothing new here procedure-wise so thats cool.  I have grown lots of plants and made a decent amount of RSO, so nothing should trip me up there. The strain I picked (CB Diesel) was the closes one to my target ratio and of course I will have no lab to test this when done, so we go immediately to human trials.

The upshot of all this is this:

* IF this acts like normal RSO (and it should) the effects should be nice, even and last at least 6-8 hours from a single dose.

* IF I hit the 18:1 window, this should in theory provide the same effects of the 18:1 sap or the 18:1 oil cartridges, albeit with a slower startup and let-down at the end.

* So if the previous two points prove-out, the big bang will be to see if this provides mental clarity over a longer period of time. 

If this works out, this could be a game-changer for folks with dementia.

More to come...

Update: The seeds have arrived, the project may begin:

An official page/journal will be started shortly.
Update 22 July: seeds and therefore project started here:


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