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The Cannabis Files

I have written alot on cannabis and dementia, growing cannabis for the disabled and more. Normally cannabis stories will get published in the main story flow but each will have a link here..

Cannabis and Dementia:

This is where we will keep notes on what is working for various dementia symptoms, the latest research on medicinal cannabis as well as the best ways to use cannabis if you are disabled.

Cannabis and Dementia, more precise information on the dosages, strains and ingestion methods I have found to be efficacious. If you read nothing else, read this.

Cannabis and Dementia Update: more conclusive evidence that the 18:1 CBD:THC meds I use do indeed have real-world, readily noticeable benefits, with one concern...

Cannabis and Pain: cannabis can indeed help with pain but there is a lot of misinformation out there, some from people who fear legalization and some from just plain ignorance.

Cannabis at Home:

This is where I will post articles on various aspects of growing in the privacy of your home, different contraptions I have come up with the make the whole growing process less error-prone and how to get the most out of your rooted plant count, which is how many medical states assess cannabis growing.

To be turned into links as they are written..

Stoner Food: How to survive in the kitchen when you can't think straight and you have no idea what ingredients you have...

Grindarolla: An easy way to roll joints for the rest of us

The Black Mamba: A functional dry herb vape for very little money

The Vape-Fob: Someone in Asia took a Davinci Ascent 3 and engineered it into a key fob, for vaping anywhere...very sly.

The Daily High Club Tommy Chong Steamroller, my new best friend.

Grow stuff:
Making RSO 101: another way to make your own meds safely and securely.

Operation: Constant Clarity, a project and grow journal to create the ultimate medication for dementia.

Operation: Black Diesel: Testing a theory to double the yield of any given indoor plant. In progress...

The Trellis Project: An attempt to wrap up everything we have learned about growing indoors, reimagine the grow tent and demonstrate exactly how and why the trellis technique is superior for indoor growing. Right now the crop (Citrus Sap) are about one week away from going to bloom and so far they have been grown more or less traditionally. All the interesting/crazy stuff is just ahead. I mean to take one video per week to show how all this works...

Growing: The Big Picture - explains overall layout of a grow, where to get the parts on the cheap, the continual harvest, 

Growing: Tips for the disabled. While there are a lot of little things you can do to maximize your chances for a good harvest if you are disabled, one of, if not the key thing is: protect those roots.

FAWL: Food, Air, Water, Light. All you need to grow pot.

Growing: Seed Starter

Growing: Cloning for fun and profit.

Jeffs Instant-from-scraps, no-cost clone rooter. Got cuttings and need clones but no rooter and no money? Check out the video for an easy solution anyone can follow!

My Purple Diamonds: These two Black Diesel mothers have been through 60 kinds of hell, but the freezing and snowing here (in VEGAS) has produced some of the prettiest purple colorings as I have ever grown or seen. Lime-green buds in a wreath of purple sugarleaves. 

Growing: Hack for safely adding plants to the To Go Cup...things...

Growing: The....To Go Cup....thing..

Growing: The main rig

Cannabis as medicine: making hashish

Growing in hostile environments: The Nevada Desert

Growing: Drying and Curing

Growing: Daily Grow Chores

Growing: Resources. Where to find stuff you need.

Recirculation: A Key to Bigger Yields?

Recirc 2: Another use for the To Go Cups...

Hempy Buckets: What to do when dementia means you can't do anything else...

Grow Pix:

Just photos of interesting grows I and others have done....

Weed Pr0n: just a goofy collection of things I have made over the years with GIMP (like Photoshop on Windows, only better)...


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Dementia Cannabis Update

Update: 22 July
Project started, grow page and journal is here:

Operation: Constant Clarity

This is one of the most difficult posts I have had to write, mostly because I "had" to. Allow me to explain and I promise by the end you will not only understand the "difficulty" and the "had to" bit but also I hope you come away with a few new assumptions or conclusions, you pick and if all that passes you by, perhaps you will find illumination as this is some serious "dementia from the inside out" kinda shit.

The 18:1 Theory
Before I tell you what happened, please recall I have expressed a theory or hypothesis on the effects of a cannabis extract/concentrate that tests out to have a CBD:THC ratio of 18-1 on the demented mind. By demented I mean any brain with not just dementia but anything that alters so-called normal operation. I don't mean anything like it fixes everything, rather there are things that are fixed by this like PTSD and ADD that you …

Be Who You Actually Are

Many moons ago I was starting my day like many of us enjoying the gifts of dementia by spending most of it screwing up each and every thing I attempted to do, large or small and usually in ways both spectacular as well as costly.  On the verge of tears I spent about an hour medicating with my very best botanicals when I had the BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious, engineer-speak): I am still attempting to be something that I am not only NOT but barring acts of a supreme deity, never will be again. Its just that damned simple.

* What makes a persons personality unique is the precise set of influences, patterns of thinking, lifetime experiences or memories amongst many other things. These are all stored and/or controlled by the brain.

* The root cause of dementia is damage to select portions of the brain.

* For better or worse, the simple truth is that this will result in a different person. Not better or lesser, simply different, in the same way that any two coworkers might be very dif…

Holy Crap Batman! A hero with dementia!

Braven 2018
Hey kids, I ran across something you just HAVE to watch. I mean you as in readers of these words. Looking for entertainment last night I was scrounging some of the dodgier parts of the Internet for something not involving a cape or "found footage" to watch. Long story short I ran across something from this year (2018) called Braven, starring Jason Mamoa (Aquaman/Ronin on Stargate Atlantis) and Stephen Lang (the major hard-ass in Avatar).  Plot reads like a B-roll actioner, drug dealers drop in on county folk and try to take them on their own turf. I agree, major tired plotline BUT......
Here is the kicker: The country folks (Mamoa/Lang) are in the cabin in the woods kinda thing because Lang (plays Mamoas dad) has alzheimers (he blames it on some Vietnam injury but...) and got into a fight at a local bar, thinking some girl was his dead wife out on the town. 
Of course Jason beats everyones ass in proper manner as it should be but thats why these two are in the c…