Crazytown: A Grow Update

A short grow video update of tent #2, was-veg, is now bloom with the craziest cast of characters I have seen in a crop in a long about three weeks this room is going to be intense AF; between the Wall O Bud, the mutant Tahoes and the crazy high CBD plants, its going to be a wild, wild ride.....taking video today because I think when I take video again it will be useful to see "before", the seeds of this insanity...

Now I have always been the one to try something weird, envision the results and then try to build something else based on those results. Well looking at the above tent, the way things are turning out it made me see something interesting and I am thinking of adjusting my grow method for a crop to see if it results in what I hope...

The Status Quo:

Right now if I want to have four random plants (well all fems, all ones I pick out) I have a 6x8x4 tent to do it in. Now normally for indoor we want a certain phenotype mostly leaning indica, the short squat bushy plants. This helps indoor for light reasons if nothing else and most of these develop a Christmas tree like shape over time. This means most of their lives things are fine but in mid- to late-bloom they are all over each other in the tent and 4 would be the max in this space anyways.

Thats if they are all exact clones of each other and grow exactly the same. Meanwhile in the real world for every crop of 4-6 plants I have 1-2 stretchers, 3-4 average bushy ones and 1-2 smaller but still useful ones. Now it doesn't matter the trick you use, there isn't any one thing that makes all of those classes make the most of things and thrive. You can do stuff for the larger plants at the expense of the shorter ones. You can do stuff to maximize the mediums at the expense of the shorter ones and probably the stretchers as well.  No silver bullet.

The Clue:

So as I was checking out that tent this morning I noticed something amazing: no plant was really overpowering any other plant and with the taller plants flattened to the wall, suddenly there is floorspace (and light and air) available to the medium plants that would have been ignore before...

If I had not done what I had with the trellis and other things these plants in flower now would be all over each this suggested a possible grow trick that I am trying next crop.  Keep in mind four is about the max I would grow in one of these tents.

The Idea/Plan:

After the harvest, clean/reset the room and then:
1. Make and install a trellis on each area of the back wall and the two end walls.
2. Start a dozen strong plants across 6 Hempy buckets.
3. As they get vegged, select the biggest four, move one next to each of one of the trellis rigs
4. Loosely tie them up a la Wall O Bud going right now.
5. The remaining two smaller plants go in the middle of the room.

We do that and watch. If I do the trellis adjustments as I do now, we should be able to actually comfortably grow 6 plants with at least 4 of them being larger models in a space built for 4. And I bet it will work.  This will also allow us to do some interesting things with light and air as well....If this works its not unthinkable to consider starting 8, the four biggest/strongest get trellised and the remaining four medium to smalls get the room. I bet they would be next time I am trying this....could yield alot more plant in the same floorspace....thats my theory anyways and I wanted to write this down before I forgot it entirely...