My Purple Diamonds

My Purple Diamonds
Hey Gang, just a short one to show something fun. Last year I have some Black Diesel clones which grew/vegged into the fall and since I knew I was tearing down my grow room (the floors in the house were being replaced with hardwood or something), I had to keep the strain alive and with no better ideas, I bought a small (and short as it turned own) grow tent, enough for two adult-ish plants, pre-flower. I stuck an Autopot in the tent, rigged up a rez and transplanted the best to I had to those pots, maybe 18 inches of growth when I did it. 

Well the floors got delayed and then delayed again until finally it was JANUARY I think that they were done; the Black Diesels were vegging in the garage (in occasionally freezing temps) the whole time and for the last 40 days out there, I had to trim the top once a week or the plants would fill/block all 300w of LED light I had in there. In time, while the tops were kept below the light, the sides grew wild as shit, resulting in the situation that the lower limbs were taller than the top. So finally end of Jan gets here, I check the temps, they seemed to be heading the right way and most important, thats when I put plants out last spring to finish in the post-winter gloom.

Problem was we had freezing, ice and fucking snow. Yes, snow in Las Vegas. On my pot plants. Dammit.  But with no where else to keep them, it was sink or swim and while they do look like mutant-freak plants from all the shit they have been thru, the cold brought out some intense purple phenotypes and now I have Diesel buds like I have never seen, lime-green buds with a wreath of deep purple leaves all around. Check out this short video I made showing some detail....I wanted to share it with my few readers....