Thank God for Donald Trump

It seems with every new action, Donald Trump finds a new way to make this country worse, not just internally but upon the worlds stage as well. Many sane people walk around shaking their collective heads over what a horrid president Donald Trump is.

However, after viewing the historic levels of indictments, childish tantrums, self-inflicted wounds and general out and out buffoonery, I state with all confidence:

Thank God for Donald Trump. In many ways it was the luckiest day for this country when Donald Trump chose to run for and eventually win the presidency. Before the pitchforks come out, let me explain. I had a nightmare.

Someone just like Donald J. Trump had won the presidency here too. In my nightmare though, this Donald wasn't a buffoon, wearing his idiocy on his sleeve for all to see. He projected a vague sense of competence. This Donald was different in other ways as well. This one had no problem reading a book or a shelf of books to become conversant on a subject rather than simply saying the first thing that comes to mind, thus further confirming suspicions of brain damage.

This one was more discreet in his dealings and told fewer lies. Because the lies were fewer, the fewer were more likely to be believed without question. This one didn't make stupid campaign promises; in fact this one made promises that were so mundane as to be forgettable. This Donald also treated folks with respect and was actively despised by few.

The thing is, peel away the upper layer and the two Donalds are matches, bookends. The one in my nightmare was scary because he too tried things like Muslim bans because down deep, he too was a very twisted individual. However, since he didn't act the part of the idiot like the current Donald, he got away with far more of the same things this one is trying (and failing at).

The point is that it is obvious that as much damage as this Donald is doing to our country and honor, the one I described could do a whole lot more, and the primary difference between the two is the current Donald is a moron. I have that on good authority. With that single change, a slightly different Donald can do  a great deal of damage that is irreversible.

It is with that thought that I consider the current Donald Trump a teaching moment as in..


How? Well, some of it is pretty obvious to the most casual observer...

* First, if someone is coming from completely outside the government, an SAT-level test is called for. Public results before primaries.

* Next, a full and complete FBI background investigation. Anyone not willing to do that, this country doesn't need you as a leader.

* Complete physicals including PET scans. It is not like Alzheimers or other mind-altering disease is unheard-of in the Whitehouse, right? I deeply suspect a PET scan would have prevented many of our current ills as a country...

* Make the "First 100 Days" mean something. Every other job in America has a probationary period where you get to assess how the new employee will truly act on the job, with the idea of ejection no questions asked if the new employee doesn't work out. Let the first 100 days be the presidents probationary period and if they are not working out by then, lets get another one/switch to VP, something. It has GOT to prevent the situation enjoyed by Donald Trump where once he bullshitted enough people to get into office, he felt as if he could fuck up as much as he wanted to and not get fired. He is probably right and thats why it is 100% intolerable. Normally pre-qualifying the candidate is the job of the party but in this case, the Republicans completely folded and failed in their job as the leadership party. Thus ultimately it would then fall to the American people to approve his or her job at 100 days. Hell, Congress could decide this because another part of the break-in period is to see how well the new employee plays with others in his work-group. Look at how Trump has treated Congress and the rest of the people on "our side" and you understand why this rule is here. The President of the United States has got to play well with others; Trump would fail at this alone.

These are just some beginning ideas and should be built upon by better minds than my own. I just know that any one of them would have prevented Donald Trump from ever getting within a 100 miles of the Oval Office. I am just glad it was not someone just a little smarter or less of a buffoon as that person would get away with two things for every one thing Trump fails at now....think about it as a bullet-dodged.