Fix for oddity presented by trellis...

OK Short trellis update....sometimes I really hate dementia. In this case it kept me from a sound solution I already had and I wasted days trying to resolve a problem that didn't need solving (again).

Here is the deal. I am not sure if its because of how I am trellising this time vs previous attempts (none spread them out like this, and that may be a key) but where before I got extra "tops"
 or colas growing from what are normally bottom branches but everything else was "good", for reasons I am not 100% sure of but this CB Diesel I pinned to the wall has sprung up with what looks like a dozen or more colas, growing from every spot on the trellis and straight out the front.. Zoom the above pic to get a general idea of what they are like. Now on one hand this looks like great bountiful news but on the other hand, I know what those buds will be like if/when they fill in (and right now it looks like a sure-thing) not one of those colas will remain upright. 

I knew this was a problem when I worried about it for a week or so when my buddy Randy looked at them and said out loud what I was worrying about: What are you going to do about those sticking out the front? I had no answer but since he saw the problem too, it was a problem in the making for sure.

The messed up thing is, I could not see a sensible solution that would handle everything gracefully and at the same time remained flexible enough to handle anything weird thrown at it.  I asked my friends, wrote my grow mentor etc....but you know what? I had already solved this years ago and forgot about it. My solution was simple, inexpensive and sure-fire to work. And I had no recollection no only of what it was but even that I had thought it up in the first place....yet looking through some old grow pics last night I saw something I had built years ago for a similar need and then took down when the floors were done. 

The solution is simplicity in itself and to adapt it to my situation, it went like this:

1. I took a strong cord I had with carabiners on each end, the length of the grow tent.
2. I needed to extend it with a single zip-tie on each end but otherwise it now runs the length of the tent along the roof, secured at each end. Looks like this:

Zip ties let me control the tension
The line runs about a foot in front of the trellis

Secured to the other side...
Now when I need to support one of those colas I can just snap one of those plastic yoyo plant hangers onto the cord, slide it to the perfect position and then just run the fishline/plastic hook to the branch in question.....problem solved..

So there we go. Just in time too as those buds are fattening quick, quicker than I would have thought.  Now its just a case of waiting out the week on the rest of the THC harvest in Tent #1, taking that when its ready and then concentrating on the Wall O Bud here...this is gonna be the best show in town....