Amazon Reviews that Amazon Won't Let You Post

This is a column that I will add to over time, one I have long-thought should be a website. Anyone who has been dicked over my an Amazon vendor knows the pain of getting no help from Amazon, they also know they if they leave an ACCURATE product review that Amazon will refuse to post it. They only accept reviews where the vendor is beyond reproach, the delivery was prompt and on-time and the product was exactly as ordered. If you have any of those previous things happen with your order Amazon will not let you report it. Amazon isn't as bad as DHGate is yet but they are really working on it with gusto to catch up.

Until that happens, this column is for Amazon reviews that Amazon won't allow you to make...

After reading about the PocketGo hand-held gaming system (and the fact that it played PS1 games AND I have a ton of them) I decided to order one through Amazon on Feb 10 2020. Feb 11 they approve the order and set a delivery date of Feb 20. As the date approaches the delivery keeps getting updated, still assuring Feb 20 delivery. Feb 20 comes and goes, I see no package, I track it to find no tracking info, I check Amazon who then thinks it never shipped, they are sorry but will let us know when they will deliver. The original order went through a vendor on Amazon called House of Toy:

So after I leave a query with company and get no response I leave this review. Within 12 hours I get a mail from Amazon claiming the vendor never shipped because they had a pricing error. W....T....F?

I also get this from Amazon regarding my review:

There isn't a chance in hell they needed to wait until I complained to discover any pricing error. Smells like out and out bullshit but the way Amazon circles the wagons we as mere mortals have few options for finding out. Thus this column; I will do my best to make sure all future customers of House of Toy think twice before gambling on them.....

Fuck you criminals at the House of Toys and fuck you Amazon for helping them.

Until next time which sadly with Amazon won't take long.....



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