Back To Basics: just remember FAWL and you got it all....

I wrote another article about all you need to grow cannabis is food, water, air and light. At the end of the day, you can add a hundred other things to it but if you remove even a single one of the above your cannabis will fail.

So recently when we had our floors done I had left some Black Diesel cuttings rooting in a mini-DWC unit I have and when I got be, roots were everywhere and I needed to get these cuttings into a better environment but all my grow stuff is jammed in the back of this pod thing we used to store our stuff in while the work was being done.

So I needed to have these into a better home like that day, yet it will be a week or more before I get all the stuff out, let alone set up and working. So, I went back to basics: what was the bare minimum I needed to keep these plants safe and happy (happily vegging to be precise)? My basics of Food, Air, Water and Light. Thus I transplanted the cuttings themselves into my To Go Cup things with hydroton I found out back and rinsed. Then I rinsed out a tub, dumped in 5 gallons of veg nutes from another grow, dropped in the airstone/airline from the mini-DWC and finally, I strapped a 300W LED veg light to a stick of PVC which was then zip-tied to the only furniture in the room. At the end of it the plants are happily vegging away while I take my time getting the tent, air ducts, etc ready.

Look, all this is to illustrate how simple growing cannabis really is as long as you remember the basics: Food, Air, Water and Light is all you need.

Peace, jeff

UPDATE 1 March 2019:  You may have seen some of the sections I wrote on growing cannabis for the disabled and while much of the stuff that I do is just common sense, its all designed with the disabled grower in mind. What I do find cool however is when I see a theory become a fact-based answer to whatever the problem is, I geek on that, seeing ideas being tested, and they are passing for the most part. I have a whole graveyard of good ideas.

So what got proven here? Well as I explained here, if you use my setup design you can be hands-free or hands-off for a week or more. That was all I would commit to but then right after transferring the rooted clones to a classic tub-and-rez setup, I and my caregiver came down with something nasty, nastier than I can recall as an adult. The end result is whatever I set up in this story above was how it had to live from January 28 through March 1st. I was just plain too sick to do anything in the grow room.

To my delight I went into the grow room today and the whole tub is thriving! Check it out:
Black Diesel clones; this is a rather beastly strain...
And all it took was light, air, water and food. Tomorrow I intend to finish setting up one of the bigger tents I own, mix up 20 gallons of my soil mix (2/3rd coco coir (coconut husks) and 1/3 Perlite., set up two planters facing each other, then transplanting the clones into actual soilmix and then the whole shebang into a 4x8x6 grow tent, tilting each to 45 degrees. Each will be fed from a common tub that will sit between them with a fully automated electronic sensors and pumps. Last step will be to tie all of the limbs down to the trellis, like last time.

The big takeaway here is that I really was bedridden for almost three weeks and the clone cuttings were started in the rooter (DWC) before I did. 3 weeks later and everything is running like a champ, it did well considering it was totally ignored for most of that time. Now the clones are bushing up very nicely as well. All tks to my grow method I didn't even have to think about it for weeks.

Now I would not recommend anyone ignore their plants for three weeks or even two. That said, I know we have all been there, that special place where normal activities become tasks from hell.


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