Yes I hate the SOB..

Jeff here. I needed to clear something up: I hate Donald Trump and everything he represents. Hating him is the only logical reaction any human can have about this charlatan.  It has nothing to do with politics, his racism or his alleged wealth. Allow me to explain:

It can't be about the politics because the politics are stupid.

To be clear: I am not a Democrat, Republican or anything in between. Prior to this election, I didn't really even understand what they were or how they differed. This wasn't something that ever was a problem or touched my life for the first 55 years. Now that I know what they are, or are supposed to be, I see that they highlight just how broken this system is.

From within their little bubble in Washington, this is how America is perceived by politicians:

These politicians see America as nothing but either Republicans or Democrats, as if every one in America fit with one of those ideological molds. The sad truth is, this two party system made sense back when there were only like two ideas of thought in total but now, the profile of a true Republican or Democrat applies to actually very few people, be they leaders or citizens.

Problem is, people are too chaotic to fall so neatly into one of two profiles and so by consequence, few people fit into the mold of what they consider as correct or true to either party. One person might be total anti-abortion yet detest the brutal tactics of ICE raids, making them part Republican and part Democrat; part conservative and part liberal. People are a mixed up pile of needs, wants and fears. If one were to observe with honesty, you would find very few "true" Republicans or Democrats left but the few that are still around, these are the ones running for office. These politicians know themselves well but the rest of America, not at all.

So your average voter, that mixed up array of wants and needs, tends to pick whatever candidate that does the one thing they want and sticks with them, through thick (the one thing they prize over all else; I have heard the term for this is "moral relativism"; woof) and thin or the other 99 crappy traits of the elected official. For these people, as long as they get what they want, they don't even think about the rest of the country suffering for their big "want". For these voters, getting what they want is more important than preventing someone from bankrupting the country, taking us to a needless war over egos, selling our lands and country to the highest bidder and in general, turning this country against itself.

This is the only explanation for Donald Trump. Take the Evangelicals; they have stated publicly they are fine with his many un-Christian-like behaviors as long as they get what they want. Pretty much the definition of selling your soul to the Devil if you ask me.

Not picking on religion; there are voters out there that are anti-abortion and so voted for him based solely on that alone, even though through his actions, these same people will find themselves without health insurance, homes or worse. To me, this is simply the Darwin Principle in action but as illogical as these people are, I hold no ire towards them. The Darwin Principle states that these people tend to do things that are stupid enough to cause their own demise, thus doing the human race a favor by removing them from the gene pool. There is a whole reward system set up around this....

The people who hold responsibility for this travesty are the Republicans, plain and simple. They knew who Donald Trump was, they knew how unlikely it was he was even qualified for the job, they knew how unlikely it was he would govern fairly and without corruption, yet they vouched for him to the American public! And the voters, all they had was the word of the Republicans.

If a neighbor came over and knowing you were looking for a landscaper, vouched for his cousin or some other random person, you are likely to give that person more credibility for being suited to the job. Then that person does the job but sets fire to the lawn and mows the Azaleas. You are angry with the person who did the job but you will hold a special anger for the person who vouched for them, essentially saying "trust me." When the Republicans presented Donald Trump as their candidate for president, they were in fact saying to the American people "This is the best we have to offer. He will be the best person for the job of President. Trust us." Some Americans did, not quite half but enough, and now look at what we have. We are alienating long held friendships, we are selling ourselves to hostile foreign entities and tearing ourselves apart, neighbor against neighbor. All because the Republicans vouched for Donald Trump even when they knew he was the worst, most incompetent choice for president. Perhaps they thought it was an even deal, giving us Trump and all the damage to our country that he brings, all for the sake of some ideological goal of their party that would never be allowed under normal circumstances. Their motto could of have been summarized as "to hell with the rest of the country as long as I get what I want."

Unforgivable to me. Donald Trump is indeed the scorpion of the fable, destined to forever be what he always has been, a semi-successful confidence artist with the morals of a sociopath. He treats the presidency the way anyone would after learning about heroes and villains from a comic book when he was twelve. He learned more about what the president is supposed to be like from Stan Lee than Wharton Business School, and it shows because the things Donald Trump shows an almost invincible stupidity for are the same things they DIDN'T cover in a comic book. How health care, the law, the government, etc actually works, stuff like that. He knows about parades, wars, etc because that is what is in comic book plot lines, particularly of the 50's and 60's.

In other words, he is what he is, no deception there. Pretty sure if the average Joe or Josephine (does anyone name girls that anymore?) knew for a fact what Trump would do once in office, he would not have gotten any more votes than say Jill Stein....well that plus the racists and xenophobes here. The fact is, in presenting Trump to the American public as their best candidate for president they lied to us all, and for that, I will reserve a special hatred for them. If that makes me a hater, well I have damned good reason to. So does several million other Americans. Here is a clue for the clueless: when you do something to piss off most of the country, most of the country will hate you and yes, be out to get you out of office, so quit complaining "conspiracy!" when its a situation of your own making! That has been the cry of the bully since second grade.

Lest one think I am simply letting Trump off the hook for getting into office, please understand that is not the case. In fact, I hold him in such utter contempt I simply do not have words adequate to the task. In engineering, often when finding a problem in a computer system, one of the key tasks is to understand which symptoms are important only because they share a common cause, which when located turns out to be the true root cause of your problems. Trump has so many controversies and does so much that I detest, its almost like I am overwhelmed by it all and the only way for my engineer brain to think on it (when I am thinking at all) is to realize the one thing that is truly making me detest that man.

I was a child of the 60's and my wife the 50's. One of the things I held as an absolute is that while no one is perfect, I as a citizen expect the government to do what is right for the people it serves, and part of that is to only hire the best and brightest people for the job of governance. A lofty goal to be sure but absolutely one that has to be pursued if you ever hope for excellence. The role of President of the United States was given the most latitude, the most support because it required the person in that position to give his or her all to it, to disregard personal wants and needs for the sake of the public. The person in this role must want to be there, and the only sane way for them to want to be there is to have an idea of what the job is in the first place, and THAT kids only comes from experience. Trump had NO experience, only an attitude that could be mined for site hits. So not only did he not want the job in the first place (purely a publicity stunt, another deception of the American people) but he had so little clue about what actual governing was like that he couldn't hope to do the job even if he wanted it in the first place!

Now he is adopting the schtick of another comic, the late great Rodney Dangerfield, who had the line "I don't get no respect!". Dude, respect is earned. Why do you think the role of president is blessed with assumed respect? Because the presidents that have come before you have earned that respect, these are the same presidents and administrations that you bag on daily. Think about that a minute and perhaps a clue will pop up. As it is, Donald Trump has earned no respect of his own and pissed away the respect earned by his betters. I don't think I would piss on him if he were on fire.

It is his vast and nearly infinite capacity for incompetence at the job of president is the primary reason I loathe Donald Trump. I have Canadian friends, I have European friends, and most specifically German friends, and I am watching this man hired to protect our country tear apart alliances generations in the making through incompetent diplomacy, embracing the worst ideals of the worst dictators of the world through incompetence of the consequences of his own actions, wrecking any hope at health care this and future generations can wish for due to his incompetence at how things actually work, embracing the worst in our own society in some effort to legitimize bad behavior and for that matter, turning us against each other in a way no generation has seen for a long time. All due to his incompetence, his inability to govern or lead. Lying, extortion and bullying are the tools of the business man, not the leader of a nation.

Yet in the face of all this incompetence, Donald Trump refuses to learn which is the biggest crime of all, invincible stupidity. He embraces his own idiocy, is actually proud of it and fends off any efforts to change that. He is not just wasting four years of his life, he is wasting four years of the lives of every American who can think for themselves. These could be years we are advancing the world, because as our forefathers said (in a book, proving to be a Trump-proof source of information) that we hang together or we hang separately. But no we are creating chaos in the world. To what end? None of this helps the average American so frankly it can't be for our benefit this is being done.

The reason I hate him goes beyond even that though. To me, with my own sense of history, he has spoiled everything that made this country great and honorable. Thanks to Donald Trump and his amateurish attempts at a monarchy, this country is going through hell and will continue to do so since it may take a long time for the fire Trump ignited to be extinguished. With the progression of my disease, I will have ceased to care long before any meaningful healing can begin, so my last memories will be of the mess and damage Donald Trump leaves in his wake, like an errant four year old child running amok at the store, breaking everything in sight.  The honor and respect our country have for most of my life will be gone for the rest of it, and that is thanks to one son of a bitch in particular, Donald J. Trump, the poorest excuse for a president anyone has ever seen. Congratulations Don, you are making new world records almost daily for your antics. I am sure your great-grandchildren will continue to thank you for the generations of shame you will have brought upon the Trump name. I can actually see the word Trump being used as a verb in time, meaning to fuck up or act with self-serving malice. You really Trumped that one up....

Come on America, we deserve better than this; we are better than this. Don't let the antics of a criminal and huckster define who we are as a nation.